Happy Holidays


From the Varien family to yours, Happy Holidays.

(Varien’s holiday party pics on Flickr)

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  1. Roy Andre

    1Roy Andre |posted December 21 2007

    Minus two degrees celsius outside atm up here in Norway - and decreasing..

    What could ever be better than sitting inside in front of the fireplace with my laptop reading about designing in Magento, while my girlfriend is cooking lovely food soon to be eaten wink

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  2. phrench

    2phrench |posted December 21 2007

    Same to you. Thank you for giving such a great product to the open source community!

  3. 1legspider

    31legspider |posted December 21 2007

    A Merry Christmas to You All at Varien, and a well deserved rest I’ll bet - for now!

    2008 is going to be great, I can’t wait for my feature full Magento Shop!

  4. Garrone

    4Garrone from Lauria - Italy|posted December 22 2007

    Happy Holidays and ... Cin Cin.

  5. ORZ

    5ORZ |posted December 22 2007

    Happy holiday guys!

  6. Phliplip

    6Phliplip from Copenhagen, Denmark|posted December 23 2007

    Gl├Ždelig Jul - As we say in Denmark smile

  7. Josue4ever

    7Josue4ever from Mexico DF|posted December 24 2007

    Feliz Navidad. Merry X-mas From Mexico to all Magento community

  8. WisdOMbooks

    8WisdOMbooks from Kolkata (Calcutta) - INDIA|posted December 24 2007

    From an Italian in Calcutta, India,
    best wishes to you all
    for lots of health, wealth & wisdom
    from 2008… onwards!

    And, of course, for today & tomorrow…
    a warm Merry Xmas, too ;o}


    A n g e l o

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