Happy Holidays!


From the Varien family to yours,
    wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons.

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  1. bw2008

    1bw2008 |posted December 23 2008

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to everyone at Varien and all Magento users!
    Wishing for more exciting stuff and a better new year! smile

  2. Garrone

    2Garrone from Lauria - Italy|posted December 23 2008

    Buon Natale e Buon Anno Nuovo from Italy.

  3. Ross

    3Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted December 23 2008

    Thank you, and to you too!  I hope that you busy folks at Varien do manage to have some time off.

  4. ptjedi

    4ptjedi from Porto, Portugal|posted December 23 2008

    Bom Natal e Feliz Natal from Portugal!

  5. WebAddict

    5WebAddict from Chandler, AZ|posted December 23 2008

    Merry Christmas, from Chandler, AZ, USA! Thank you to all of the Varien Team for making such a great product!

  6. Roy Andre

    6Roy Andre |posted December 24 2008

    Merry Christmas from Norway - and thank you Varien for your great work!

  7. jackstraw

    7jackstraw from Carbondale,Colorado|posted December 24 2008

    Thanks and happy holidays from Aspen, Co.


  8. brasmus

    8brasmus |posted December 30 2008

    Happy New Year from Iowa - looking forward to our continued partnership in 2009!

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