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  1. jackstraw

    1jackstraw from Carbondale,Colorado|posted June 25 2008

    Damn, nicely done!  I can’t wait for the next build.  I need some of the features to run my print shop.  Great site and use of magento.

  2. Steve P. Sharpe

    2Steve P. Sharpe |posted June 26 2008

    Nice site, good to see something that doesn’t actually look like the default skin, however it is so, so slow.

    Not sure if that is Magento’s fault or your actual hosts?

  3. nublue

    3nublue from Lancaster, United Kingdom|posted July 1 2008

    The site seems fine to me… are you sure it isn’t your internet connection?  Having had a go with the 1.1 SVN, it’ll be even faster when that is released - roll on the end of July!

  4. WebMonkey

    4WebMonkey |posted July 11 2008

    @Steve//Gleam “however it is so, so slow.”

    It seems a little sluggish.... but considering the number of configurable products, each with around 4 options, it is actually one of the fastest Magento shops I have seen! ... it is doing so much more extra work than something with simpler products

    Would love to know how they did that, are there any detailed case studies anywhere? smile

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