Generate More Product Reviews for your Magento Shop, for Free!

image Product reviews help establish consumer trust. They are essential for creating user generated content and increasing sales. The problem is that most sites aren’t able to convert their shoppers into reviewers. Most sites are only able to turn about 1% of their shoppers into active reviewers.

Yotpo is a new Magento Silver Industry Partner, specializing in social reviews. They boast an impressive 10% conversion rate of shoppers-to-reviewers. And they do it for free.

How does Yotpo do this?

Their most effective feature is called Mail After Purchase. This feature automatically emails shoppers, at a set time after purchase, encouraging them to leave a review. Yotpo has developed proprietary technology that enables shoppers to leave reviews inside the emails, making the process easy and effective. This feature alone is responsible for over 90% of reviews. What’s more, it helps turn one-time shoppers into repeat customers, by referring them back to the shop.

In addition to generating many more reviews for shops than other review systems, Yotpo has figured out how to use these reviews to help shops generate more sales.

Yotpo encourages reviewers to post their reviews directly to their social networks. This maximizes the visibility of the reviews, and promotes the shop being reviewed to new prospective buyers. Moreover, Yotpo allows shop owners to connect their business’ social pages to Yotpo, and automatically publish new reviews to their community. This encourages social conversation which drives both new and return customers to the site.

Yotpo provides Magento shop owners with deep analytics to help them better understand their customers. Furthermore, they provide useful moderation options: shop owners can choose which reviews to publish and which to hide. A nice bonus is that Yotpo is already translatable into many languages, and they provide an easy platform for shop owners to translate the widget into the language of their choice.

For more information, please refer to Yotpo’s extension page in Magento Connect:

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