From the Support Team: Promotions, Discounts and Conditional Selection

This is the first piece in a weekly series by the Magento Enterprise Edition subscription support team covering tips, tricks and hints to some of the most common, and uncommon, issues as submitted by support customers.


Promotions and discounts through Magento’s Shopping Cart Rules are specific depending on the catalog type, store-specific business rules and more.  Our support team receives several assistance requests on configuring the Shopping Cart Price rules according to their unique business needs.  In this post we’ll show you a tip that will allow Magento Merchants to get the most out of Magento’s discounts module.


One particular issue that may not appear to be complex, but which several users went through, is when the discount is meant to be applied to specific products using the SKU as the Conditions selection. An example is shown in the image below:


Our support subscribers were unable to get the discounts to apply to shopping carts and weren’t able to figure out why not, since to the simple eye the configuration displayed above should work.


The solution to this common issues is actually quite simple.  It might not be immediately obvious, but the proper Condition Selection when selecting multiple SKU’s should be different than SKU ’is‘.  The reason is actually that the condition ‘is‘ is meant for single value selections, and selecting multiple values for it will not enact the discount.

The proper selection should be ’is one of‘ as is shown in the following image which will enable the discount to work.


The Conditions Selection ’is one of‘ for multiple selections is also not only applicable for SKU as the Condition when creating Shopping Cart Rules, but also applies to Categories selection or any other attribute if the Condition will include multiple values.

We hope you found this tip handy and over the next weeks we will be sharing more best practices, advice and solutions to issues that the Support team has provided to our support subscribers.

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