Enterprise Edition: Private, Member Only Sales

The Magento Enterprise Edition provides a new and exciting way to engage customers. Private sales are taking the eCommerce world by storm. By providing exclusive content, privates sales incentivize customers by offering great deals for a limited time. With the Enterprise edition, you can now use this dynamic feature to provide members-only specials, create a private sales website, or B2B sites.

A Private Sales site may offer invitation-only shopping using Magento’s multi-store-retailing functionality. Restrict the website to give only logged-in users access, or let users create an account. Customers visiting the site can be presented with a custom designed welcome page, or sent directly to a log-in page.

Enable invitations and your private sales customers can grant access to their friends. Membership becomes user–generated and viral marketing driven. Grant access to preferred customers by sending invitations directly from the admin panel. You control the parameters: decide how many invitations can be sent at once and choose to enable custom messages. Invitation reports show how many invitations are being sent, accepted, and ultimately lead to a purchase.

You can also use the Enterprise Edition’s private sales functionality to set restrictions on categories within your regular store. Create member-only sales by giving selected customer groups access to special events. Magento gives the ability to select which customer groups can view the category, view the prices, and ultimately whether they can purchase the items.

Sales events are created by adding a start and end date to a category. Schedule events ahead of time and customers will be able to see the event dates and the products without the ability to purchase until the event has begun. A timer that counts down the time remaining for the sale can be added to the category and product pages ... You can even add the countdown to unrestricted categories to highlight great sales.

The Magento Enterprise Edition subscription, offering innovative ways to do business.

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