Designing for Magento Webinar Slides

Thank you for joining us today for Magento’s first webinar. Slides can be found below.

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  1. Mootrealm

    1Mootrealm from San Francisco, CA|posted January 17 2008

    Any chance you can put a movie up? I was present but there was no sound.

  2. RoyRubin

    2RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted January 17 2008

    The sound was via phone (you had to call a phone number for the audio). We are rendering the recording now and hopefully it will come out fine so we can post.

  3. nomi

    3nomi |posted January 17 2008

    I went to the webinar, but noticed it wasn’t making much sense.  I realized later that I had to phone in to hear it, but I didn’t want to call long distance from Spain, so I didn’t finish watching. I’m really looking forward to watching it again with the audio though.

  4. Simon King

    4Simon King |posted January 17 2008

    Well done on a superb webinar! Really good to get such an in-depth tutorial on Magento’s powerful design framework. I did phone in for the audio although it would still be useful if we could see the recording as there was a lot to take in in one sitting.

    Keep up the great work.

  5. RoyRubin

    5RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted January 17 2008

    @Simon - thanks for the kind words. I am happy to report that we do have a recording (although its not close to the quality we were expecting). We’ll be posting it hopefully by the end of our workday.

  6. devo_dave

    6devo_dave |posted January 29 2008

    I also got caught out by the sound issue and only realised half way though that I had to dial in. At least I dont feel so bad now knowing others did the same. As to the dial in cost from Australia.... worth every cent.

    Thanks very much guys.

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