Designing for Magento Webinar: Learn the Basics

Magento Webinar

Designing for Magento Webinar: Learn the Basics

We are happy to announce our first instructional webinar – Designing for Magento. If you are a programmer and/or designer and want to learn the ins and outs of Magento's flexible templating system, this is the place to be. The webinar will take place on Thursday, January 17th 9:30 AM PST (17:30 GMT).

Topics will include:

  • Basic Magento design terminology
  • Magento design files structure concepts
  • Best way to manage themes for your store
  • How to create Magento interfaces
  • Best practices for breaking down HTML into manageable (modularized) ‘chunks’
  • Questions and answers

Date: January 17th 9:30 AM PST (17:30 GMT)

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User Comments

  1. islander

    1islander from Seattle, USA|posted January 15 2008

    Will this be recorded to watch later? I won’t be able to make, but it does sound interesting.


  2. Otaugames

    2Otaugames from Troyes, France|posted January 15 2008

    That’s a great idea, thank you ! I will follow this webinar.

  3. clayton

    3clayton from Twin Cities|posted January 15 2008

    I would also like to know if this will be recorded so it can be watched later.

  4. Josue4ever

    4Josue4ever from Mexico DF|posted January 15 2008

    We need to have magento installed on the PC or the web? I can not be able to install the latest version. I hope see you there.  Go Go Magento

  5. RoyRubin

    5RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted January 15 2008

    @islander, @clayton - We’ll do our best to record (although no promises).

    @Josue4ever - The webinar is a presentation so you do not need to have Magento locally installed.

  6. i960

    6i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted January 15 2008

    I just registered.  Looking forward to this.  cool smile

  7. zoya

    7zoya from Saudi Arabia|posted January 15 2008

    Gr8 idea, really looking forward to it, having it recorded would definitely worth the effort.

  8. armin

    8armin |posted January 16 2008

    Rock Magento, I want to know if this webinar is recorded? LOL

  9. Daniel Nitz

    9Daniel Nitz from Mainz, Germany|posted January 16 2008

    I will try to record it with screen mimic. I let you know if it worked out smile

  10. Hail Magento

    10Hail Magento |posted January 16 2008

    just registered
    1question though - how can i watch & record this event on my own?

    Hail Magento!

  11. tzCart

    11tzCart from NW Ohio–USA|posted January 16 2008

    Seems odd to get the audio portion, I’ve got to call in a long distance phone call.
    I don’t have skype set-up on my work machine, any other options?
    Otherswise, I guess I’ll wait for the rerun.
    thanks for the Webinar.

  12. RoyRubin

    12RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted January 16 2008

    @tzCart - thats the way it works. Hopefully we’ll have it recorded and you can watch it online shortly after.

  13. i960

    13i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted January 16 2008

    So the phone call is required?  I thought the audio would be streamed over the net, and that the phone call was for those without an internet connection to just listen.

  14. RoyRubin

    14RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted January 16 2008

    @i960 - A phone call is required to listen. This is the way the webinar service works.

  15. armin

    15armin |posted January 17 2008

    Sir RoyRubin, I will wait for the recorded webinar.

    thanks and god bless

  16. woodsikov

    16woodsikov from London, UK|posted January 17 2008

    Signed up and then cancelled when I found you have to use a phone to hear the audio - this is the internet guys, this shouldn’t be necessary.

    Very disappointing.

  17. zoya

    17zoya from Saudi Arabia|posted January 17 2008

    come on guys commend the effort. Use Skype it is not that expensive

  18. i960

    18i960 from Bakersfield, CA|posted January 17 2008

    @mustafa - I was going to use skype, but there is a minimum $10 charge, when the call itself would only cost about $1.30.  I ended up just using my cell phone because it has free long distance.  Worked great.

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