DataFlow Module Patch

There is an issue in the latest release (0.9.17740) with the validation of DataFlow profiles.

If you are using DataFlow and are getting an error that the Profile XML is not valid - just download this file and replace the app\code\core\Mage\Dataflow\Model\Profile.php with the downloaded file in your Magento installation.

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  1. NickL

    1NickL |posted March 22 2008

    Thanks for the quick effort guys ,I know Dataflow is a big part of the project.

    I just tried the patch though, and I’m still getting no results for the import. The .csv is loaded from the server, but the profile just ends. Nothings gets imported.  Will post results in the forum.

  2. Jake

    2Jake |posted March 24 2008

    Same here, I get the same result with the patch.

  3. dracnet

    3dracnet from Barcelona (Spain)|posted March 25 2008

    come on guys! the time is going! tic tac tic tac
    version 1 before april ? I hope so.
    congratulations for the job done until now!
    great product!
    sorry for the offtopic, I just wanted to give my support to the magento team

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