Community Chat: US Market - August 2nd, 2007

The Community Chat is a new feature we are introducing in an effort to receive community feedback on various eCommerce related topics. The concept is to discuss different questions, share our experiences and discuss yours. As we continue to develop Magento we are looking to disclose our thinking behind the project and learn from the community.

Our first chat will be with the US market on August 2nd. We are looking for eCommerce developers, designers, store owners, application providers, and consultants to join us in a discussion on the following topics:


- Tax types
- Methods of calculating taxes
- Reports needed


- Authorization vs. capturing (best practices)
- Storing credit cards and PCI compliance
- CVV numbers
- Fraud issues and liability concerns
- Recurring payments
- Post dated payments


- Shipping calculation (dimensional weight, international shipping, continental shipping, Exceptions: Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, AFO, APO, PO Boxes, etc.)
- Shipping as a promotion (different types)
- Special goods (surcharges, misc)

Catalog Management

- Building SKU’s and product definition
- Categorization/Taxonomy
- Challenges with search - finding products


- Discounts and Promotions: type and methodologies
- Maintenance issues
- Reporting
- Customer incentives

The format is simple: a question will be presented and the topic will be open for anyone to respond. We’ll try to get through the complete list in a timely manner. We don’t expect a response to every question, but if you feel you can contribute in any way, we’d love to hear from you. Highlights of the Community Chat will be posted on our blog.

We’ll be having many of these community chats in the future with different markets (France, Germany, UK, etc.) and audiences.

Community Chat - US Market

August 2nd
Time: 11 AM PST
Sign Up: Interested? Contact us today.

We will restrict the participants to a max of 20 with additional Varien/Magento staff joining in.

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User Comments

  1. Laura Staples

    1Laura Staples from Hobson|posted July 25 2007

    I’m sold on Magento,however I am having trouble finding pricing information on your site.  Is it going to be free or is there a fee for using it?

  2. roy

    2roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 25 2007

    Laura - Magento is open-source and thus free.

  3. Lee Wilson

    3Lee Wilson from Hobson|posted July 25 2007


    Is a community forum going to be in place for launch, this I imagine will pay a large part in helping the community along.


  4. roy

    4roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 25 2007

    Lee - you got it! A full featured community site will be launched soon (its in the final stages of development).

  5. Ork

    5Ork from Hobson|posted July 25 2007

    Not necessarly. And still not necessarly with a public licence, if not specified.

    But we now guess it will be a GPL-like.
    But we will certainly know very soon at first release smile

  6. roy

    6roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 25 2007

    Ork - we just announced the license - nice timing.

  7. Brandon Eley

    7Brandon Eley from Hobson|posted July 25 2007

    @Roy - Open Source is not always free. I was hoping Magento would be affordable, but honestly I never expected it to be free.

    RedHat Enterprise Linux is a combination of open source software, and yet is fairly expensive to license. Open source just means that the source code is not encrypted and is available to modify or extend.

    I think you might make mention of the fact that Magento is going to be free (as in beer) on the site somewhere (other than the legal section, which I’ve now read).

    At any rate, I’m excited about the upcoming launch and now even more so since I can download and work with it for free!

    And sign me up for the community chat - it’s good to see professionals in the industry getting together. It’s about time!

  8. roy

    8roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 25 2007

    Brandon - Glad to see your excitement. We’ll reinforce the fact that Magento is free in future posts. Thanks!

  9. Ian

    9Ian from Hobson|posted July 25 2007

    Roy, if you need any help for a non-US community, i’m here!

  10. Web Company

    10Web Company from Hobson|posted July 26 2007

    So which payment gateways are you going to use ?

  11. Travis

    11Travis from Hobson|posted July 26 2007

    Hi Roy,
    If you’d like involve a Canuck in the discussion, now or later, I’d be more than happy to contribute what I can from the perspective of a designer.

  12. Jeremy

    12Jeremy from Hobson|posted July 26 2007

    I’m excited about the community direction you guys have taken with this project. 

    The chat is a great idea!  I probably wouldn’t have much to contribute at this point so rather than take up a slot that may be better utilized by someone else, I’d like to just make a suggestion here regarding shipping. 

    It’d be most beneficial if the shipping was able to use multiple originating shipping/fulfillment locations. 

    So for example if I have two warehouses and one was nearer to the customer shipping charges could be calculated based on the nearer (or further) location. 

    Also if we were to expand on this same thought can we also allow for multiple originating shipping locations (meaning if that same customer ordered multiple items and only one or the other warehouse had the item in stock, then the shipping calculation would calculate half of the shipping cost based on one warehouse and half the cost based on the other warehouse.)

    Keep up the great work.  Again I’m really excited and can’t wait to see the product launch.

  13. roy

    13roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 27 2007

    Travis - contact us and we’ll send you the info.

  14. LG

    14LG from Hobson|posted July 30 2007

    Hi Roy,
    When will it be possible to have your license in production with a real website ?

  15. roy

    15roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 30 2007

    LG - I responded to your email

  16. Tony

    16Tony from Hobson|posted July 30 2007

    @Magento team, I’m not sure where to ask this question, but will there be an ability to modify the design of the shopping cart through the use of templates? Just curious about that.

    I have been really looking forward to this and do see a lot of potential that is coming out of this. You definitely have quite the buzz going around.

    @Ian, are you from the Joomla community? If so then I think it would be cool to see how we could integrate Magento with Joomla 1.5.

    @Magento team again, Feature wise, will there be an ability to quickly export email addresses of all customers and also to use a filter to select those email addresses? I was thinking that if a feature such as this was created then I could export the email addresses to import into something like iContact to do some email marketing campaigns towards the customers. How possible is this.

  17. roy

    17roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 31 2007

    Tony - You will be able to modify the design fully using templates - there are no constraints. Export functionality has been developed.

    Hope this helps.

  18. Tony

    18Tony from Hobson|posted July 31 2007

    @roy, Yeah that definitely helps to know that. How easy will it be to create a template or to skin the shopping cart to a custom design to match existing websites?

    It seems that the easier it is to create a template the more adopted the solutions becomes amongst a larger crowd. Case and point Joomla seems to have a much larger crowd than Drupal because a lot of designers have picked it up and used it.

  19. roy

    19roy from Los Angeles, CA|posted July 31 2007

    Tony - We feel there is definitely going to be a learning curve. That said, we are committed to providing the appropriate resources (documentation, screencasts, wiki articles, etc.) to assist as much as possible. We’ll be proactive right off the start working with the designer community.

  20. Shane Thorpe

    20Shane Thorpe from Hobson|posted August 1 2007

    Roy - We would like to get involved so anything we can offer from sunny Australia is here. We are small - four designers but are more than happy to be part of it all.
    We have just abandoned our projected CRE mods so we can get our teeth into this.
    Hope the launch goes well. Everyone is hanging onto whatever they can in expectation.

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