Coming Soon: Magento Groups

In this video, we present Magento Groups which will provide the ability for users to get together in working groups to achieve certain goals and/or tasks. For example, a user can start a group to develop a specific payment module. Other users would then join this group and take part. Each group would have a blog and wiki that are used to communicate with each of the members of that group.

We expect groups to form on a wide array of topics that can include (for example) development, design, marketing, search engine optimization, drop shipping, fulfillment, localization, accounting, etc. The options are endless. The concept is important to further enhance the Magento community and provide a platform for communication. With the upcoming group functionality, users will be able to take specific action(s) to expand the Magento feature set and discuss a wide array of topics that are of interest.

Magento Groups is expected to be available within 30-45 days with multi-lingual support.

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  1. Bernhard Huber

    1Bernhard Huber from Warsaw Poland|posted October 15 2007

    Sounds cool, nice to see you manage not just software, but community managment as well wink

  2. tzCart

    2tzCart from NW Ohio–USA|posted October 15 2007

    Wow! Certainly interesting… I hope all of the groups have RSS feeds. I’m sure I will be joining a few of them. I would like to see a Windows IIS group for those of us using IIS, who can’t really choose another platform for hosting Magento sites.
    Is there an area already active for would be members to sign-up and create the groups that will launch, or is it just better to wait for the roll-out of the actual groups program?

  3. RoyRubin

    3RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted October 15 2007

    @tzCart - RSS will be available per group and item (wiki, blog, etc.). Once we launch the module, you’ll be able to join (and start groups).


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