Calling all Testers

In an effort to continue to improve the Magento install and upgrade process on different environments and platforms, we’d like to build a community based team of alpha testers that will be able to provide us feedback. If you are interested, please complete the form and we’ll get in touch.


UPDATE: Registration is now closed. Thanks to the 75+ community members that volunteered. We’ll get in touch soon.

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  1. tzCart

    1tzCart from NW Ohio–USA|posted January 7 2008

    I’ve been going on about Windows IIS, I would even be willing to shop for a host that might work.
    I can’t get past the fact that IIS is not Apache, so maybe it’s not possible at all.
    My point is to learn how it would be possible to run Magento on IIS, and then encourage my employer to run Magento. Need help.
    Should I just forget about running Magento on Windows, I’m not a server admin, so I’m sort of stuck getting a good host that is willing to work with the team.

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