CAB Meeting - August 2009 - Wed 26th Aug

[UPDATE: I made a mistake with the date, it is actually the 26th of August, not the 25th. Sorry!!]

Hey Everyone,

I’m glad to announce that the next CAB meeting will be held next Wednesday, the 26th of August at 9AM Pacific Time.  Listen up because there’s some pretty big news.  The agenda for the CAB meeting is going to revolve around two things.  First, we are going to discuss the results of the UserVoice activity over the last couple of weeks.  The feedback has been phenomenal and we want to make sure the CAB has a chance to discuss those results and put together some actions items. 

Second--and THIS IS BIG!!  For the past couple of months, we have been talking about how to put together policies and practices for accepting code from the community.  Select members of the community want to contribute code and we are well on our way to making this happen.  There are legal, infrastructure and man power issues to tackle, so bear with us, we are almost there.  The CAB will be discussing how to start accepting contributions and how to set up a code review process for what is submitted.  We have already seen some code from some of you, and the process has been going smoothly and with the work that was done, now is the time to open it up to all who are interested.

We will try and get a live transcription into the #magento channel on and have the recording of the call and a summary up on the blog shortly afterwards.

Can’t wait,
Koby smile

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  1. Lee Saferite

    1Lee Saferite from Lake City, FL|posted August 24 2009

    So… is the meeting on the 25th or is it on Wednesday?  grin

  2. akirsch

    2akirsch |posted August 24 2009

    Good observation smile

  3. Koby Oz

    3Koby Oz |posted August 25 2009

    Hey Guys,

    Sorry it’s on Wed the 26th as I announced in the email. Sorry for my illiteracy! smile

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