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The 'Blank Theme' for Magento is available via MagentoConnect. With 'Blank Theme' the Magento team answers the call of numerous community members out there who's been inquiring about an extra light theme to use as a basis for theme customization. With this theme we've removed all the custom CSS formerly used in Default and Modern Theme, and replaced them with minor typography and positioning CSS assignments. References to the class names were left in the CSS files to provide a solid starting ground for designers/developers. Markups were also revisited and cleaned up in theme-level.

Download, customize, and enjoy the new ultra light Magento theme!

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  1. turbo1

    1turbo1 from Los Angeles, CA|posted September 16 2008

    I think you meant “formerly”, not “formally”.. ...  cool hmm

  2. Ross

    2Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted September 16 2008

    That is really great!! Thank you.


    3LOUIS INTERNET from Germany|posted September 16 2008

    A few days too late, I finished my template this morning :/

    Anyway, it’s great grin

  4. sdb

    4sdb from coastal California, USA|posted September 16 2008

    about time! good to see it finally happen smile

  5. luccame

    5luccame |posted September 16 2008

    This will be very useful.
    Thank you again.

  6. ptjedi

    6ptjedi from Porto, Portugal|posted September 16 2008

    Great idea!

  7. oshipper

    7oshipper from New York, NY|posted September 16 2008

    Have not had a chance to review the code since only available via Connect. Is it possible prototype has been removed as well?

    Am I missing something? How does one review extensions without installing via Magento Connect?

  8. Scott

    8Scott from Northwest Ohio|posted September 17 2008

    I’ve been watching this in the incubator over the past couple months. Still some room for improvement, but it’s pretty decent overall. Anyone who wants the code without installing the extension should get it with SVN.


  9. rack::SPEED

    9rack::SPEED |posted September 17 2008

    Great! Thank you very much!!! grin

  10. Meanbee

    10Meanbee from Bath, UK|posted September 17 2008

    Brilliant stuff.  We’ve been needing this.

  11. Lol

    11Lol from Plymouth, UK|posted September 18 2008

    Thank you Magento team! Very helpful for my next Magento project.

  12. Rabindra

    12Rabindra |posted November 26 2008

    Hey!!! HATS OFF for the Magento Team.
    I found it more simple than the default one. Thnx to Magento Team. And further to add, if i could get the more depth knowledge about its code functionality then it would be appreciated. cool smile

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