Behind the Scenes: Template Path Hints

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As briefly presented in our Designing for Magento Webinar last week, Magento’s next release will feature a new tool that will make Magento designers’ and programmers’ lives easier; Template Path Hints. This tool will display the path and file name of the templates constructing the page viewed.

We hope you’ll like it smile

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  1. davedavedave

    1davedavedave |posted January 24 2008

    I noticed this in the Webinar, a genius feature that will surely make things easier on me grin

  2. Travis

    2Travis |posted January 24 2008

    This’ll help BIG TIME.  Can’t wait for the next release.

  3. kadima

    3kadima |posted January 24 2008


  4. Rowan

    4Rowan from Australia, QLD|posted January 24 2008

    This reminds me of one of the new Drupal theming modules (, it’s nice to see that great minds do think alike. wink

  5. WisdOMbooks

    5WisdOMbooks from Kolkata (Calcutta) - INDIA|posted January 24 2008

    This is real a GREAT tool,
    even for non-programmers
    who are thus spoon-fed
    into easily reaching specific codes.

    (Drupal apart) I don’t know
    of any other ecommerce system
    having such a nice facility.

    to the whole team!

  6. jfbonham

    6jfbonham |posted January 24 2008

    Excellent feature, really great. grin

    Presumably it’s easy to see the full path by clicking on it or selecting the path text - in some cases such as the currency box in the above screenshot, the box is narrower than the path.

    Looking forward to using it as it should be quite a time saver. Reminds me of the Inspect tool on Firebug.

  7. Loïc

    7Loïc from Paris, France|posted January 24 2008

    GREAT ! It was really important to have this released !

  8. Web_Addict

    8Web_Addict from Paris, France|posted January 24 2008

    very nice ... this will really help us and save time !!

    Go go magento

  9. tzCart

    9tzCart from NW Ohio–USA|posted January 24 2008

    What is it that is providing this functionality, CSS and property hidden?
    It’s a great feature need more details, I need to catch that webinar soon.
    Another great feature would be to be able to right click an area or product and be able to edit the details (for site admins) right in the layout. Does Magento do that, some CMS’s can do that if not natively, then by using a plugin extra goodie.
    The design hints is just brilliant, and will help get up-to-speed, with much less of a learning curve.
    Mage -N-Toe

  10. NickL

    10NickL |posted January 24 2008


    I’m glad you all got this in there, it beats out having to use the old php insert method and will definitely speed up designing templates. I look forward to playing with it!

    Good job Folks!

  11. Greg

    11Greg from Carmel, IN USA|posted January 24 2008

    Will the next release be provided via the update tool ala the install in 0.7.148?

  12. Otaugames

    12Otaugames from Troyes, France|posted January 24 2008

    Thank you ! Designing is going to be a bit faster as we won’t have to search anymore for a file.

  13. iguru

    13iguru from Děčín, Czech Republic|posted January 25 2008


  14. Josue4ever

    14Josue4ever from Mexico DF|posted January 26 2008

    Well it looks good very helpfull for newbies and xperts. Well, I have to ask this… When is spected a newer version? because some people couldnt install 7.148

    GOGOGO MAGENTO (1 go more)

  15. peach

    15peach |posted January 27 2008

    awesome, I so need this tool!

  16. jlaha

    16jlaha |posted January 30 2008

    GREAT idea.  The white text on red background, with that font size is a little tough to read however.  I’m guessing this can be modified in the CSS file that handles this styles for these hints.

  17. OurWorldTalks

    17OurWorldTalks |posted July 11 2008

    This needs to be featured somewhere.... it’s so useful yet its hiding in the site.

  18. danielgi

    18danielgi |posted March 12 2009

    joomla has to something like this

  19. longbow

    19longbow from Melbourne, FL|posted May 13 2009

    So where do you turn on/off the feature?

  20. Derek Nutile

    20Derek Nutile |posted May 13 2009

    As of version 1.2, 1.3, and 1.31 I’ve found it under Admin > System > Configuration > Developer under the Debug block.  Note: I don’t believe the feature shows if you have the “Default Config” selected.  Try using the English store or similar in the “Current Configuration Scope” drop down.

    Don’t forget to add your IP address in the “Developer Client Restrictions” block.  Not required, but makes good sense.

  21. c3po

    21c3po |posted November 30 2009

    I can’t find this function in  It has been disabled?  oh oh

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