August 2009 CAB Meeting Wrap Up

The CAB met today for it’s August 2009 meeting.  It was a real good meeting with a packed agenda and I know many of you are waiting to hear about it so here we go.  The Agenda was to talk about the UserVoice submissions so far and what we thought of the ideas that community members brought up and how we plan on proceeding with them, upcoming enhancements that are being made to the bug tracker to facilitate it’s utility and finally, the much awaited and anticipated code contribution and submission process.

We first looked at the UserVoice pages and all agreed that we liked the feedback.  We also discussed whether it was possible to vote something down (doesn’t look like it) and whether or not we thought certain ideas should be closed out because we felt like they didn’t belong.  We all agreed that there are important ideas on the page that we would look into and try to get included on the roadmap.  We plan on revisiting the list again in a couple of weeks, once other things are in place.  However, the most clear item was the need to set up a community process to contribute documentation, which many of you have already emailed me about, and we are currently working on figuring that out.  I’d like to start putting together a team of people who are interested in doing community documentation work, a doc team of sorts, so if you would like to get involved please email me at with the subject “Community Documentation Team” and I will get back to your regarding the details and coordination.

Next, we spoke about upcoming changes to the bug tracker.  This has been something that many people have requested and that many others, including myself have been pushing for.  The truth is, in order to grow and facilitate more interaction and start to accept code contributions we will need to rely on this mechanism to help us keep track of what the status on certain items is.  So, we’ve decided to change a few things and here are some of the changes you can expect on the community site and bug tracker site:

  • Improved notification and communication on bugs and issues using RSS and email. (This is coming soon, RSS is being worked on as we speak.)
  • More public statuses to better notify what status a bug really has, i.e. open, closed, resolved, duplicate, being worked on and need more info, etc.
  • A target version field to show in which release a scheduled/accepted fix will show up
  • Attachments, so that patches and the like can be attached and publicly viewable to all
  • Ability to show relations between different issues

These are going to be some pretty big and pretty neat changes and they are coming soon, so sit tight, they are being work on, starting with the notifications.

Finally, we discussed the process for submitting code.  Currently, the legal team is working on setting up a “Contributors License Agreement” which will be required, as is by many other Open Source projects, to ensure that all the legal and licensing issues are in order. The CLA should be done fairly soon, within a month probably, so that we can have people sign this and begin submitting code.  Initially, we wanted to set up fancy infrastructure to facilitate this, but we have decided to do something which will give us quick results, so for now, we are just going to open things up to contributions, preferably via patch, through a special email address, much like the Linux kernel mailing list.  For right now, we are only going to target big fixes, improvements and optimizations and not new features or modules.  The reason for this is simple, if a new feature should become standard, it would be our responsibility to maintain it if the original author or contributor goes missing.  This is not a permanent condition however and as the contributor community continues to grow, the dynamic of this will change.  I will of course announce the opening up of the process and the CLA, once everything is ready, via the blog and newsletter.

Overall it was a great meeting and a tremendous amount of progress was made and steps are being taken to help the community continue to grow and prosper.  If you have any questions about anything I mentioned, please feel free to email, as always at .

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  1. jon kery

    1jon kery |posted August 28 2009

    Frustrated by the lack of interesting beer available in the supermarket?

  2. YoavKutner

    2YoavKutner |posted August 28 2009

    Thanks for everyone that attended. It was a great meeting

  3. Erik - Classy Llama Studios

    3Erik - Classy Llama Studios |posted September 2 2009

    Thanks for the overview of the CAB meeting.  I’m looking forward to the Documentation and Code Submission functionality being added to the current system, as there are many of us in the Magento community that will take advantage of those features.

    At some point, it would be good to learn about the exact specifications for what code will be accepted into the core.  For example, I have ideas for some methods that would be helpful to have in the Mage_Core_Model_Abstract method, such as the ability to save a model and have that model only save a single attribute, as opposed to saving all the attributes.  This is currently possible using this code: $model->getResource()->saveAttribute($model, ‘attribute_code’), but having something at the model level would be useful (ie: $model->saveAttribute(’attribute_code’)).

    There are other enhancements that I would love to contribute to the core, such as the additions to the email templating system (allowing for more variables in email templates, so nothing has to be hard-coded, allowing for templates to be added in the filesystem at an individual store level, etc...)

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