Announcing One-Click Install of Magento 1.0 on Media Temple’s (gs) Grid-Service


We are very excited to announce a collaboration between Varien and (mt) Media Temple, Inc., to deliver Magento 1.0 through a one-click installation wizard to over 200,000 domains on Media Temple’s (gs) Grid-Service.

Roy Rubin, Founder and CEO of Varien, said, “Media Temple and their Grid Service are at the forefront of hosting and we are thrilled that Magento will be available as a one-click install to all of Media Temple’s Grid Service customers. This relationship reaffirms our commitment to make Magento the leading open-source eCommerce platform on the market.”

“Varien’s brand new Magento 1.0 is an incredible ecommerce platform and we’re very excited to get it into the hands of our Grid users. It’s new to the ecommerce market but Magento will be the one to beat.” Says David Feinberg, Sr. Product Manager of Media Temple. “Mashable compared them to Zimbra, and based on Roy’s team and their experience, I think they’ll easily achieve similar results in the ecommerce market.”

Through the partnership Magento will join popular applications WordPress and Drupal as being available by one-click install to all Grid Service customers. They’ll be able to install and set up their ecommerce store in minutes without any development experience. The intuitive controls of Media Temple’s AccountCenter and Magento’s Admin control panels provide clients with a powerful, but easy to use, toolset for building their online commerce.  The Magento one-click installer will be available immediately following the release of Magento 1.0

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  1. Mootrealm

    1Mootrealm from San Francisco, CA|posted March 31 2008

    Media Temple is great. I use them myself. However, I have asked Media Temple if the grid service is PCI compliant and they said that it wasn’t, but you could of course make a DV compliant because you have full control. So I am wondering if they are planning on making the grid PCI compliant?

  2. Caleb

    2Caleb |posted March 31 2008

    I have a Grid Service account at Media Temple and am going to try out their new handy dandy One-Click installer. I’ll keep everyone posted on how it goes. I’m pretty convinced that for optimum performance I’d be better off with a DV account at Media Temple. Good to know their Grid Service is not PCI compliant. Any other Media Temple customers out there with Magento installed? Be interested in what configuration is giving you best results.

  3. metropix

    3metropix |posted March 31 2008

    What about updates? Magento’s install service only does fresh install, which I guess means that updates cost you again the price of a fresh install. How’s that with MT?
    I’m already with Dreamhost but will take out an MT account if updates are included.

  4. Mootrealm

    4Mootrealm from San Francisco, CA|posted March 31 2008

    You can update Magento yourself through the Magento admin panel no matter what host you have it installed on.

  5. Caleb

    5Caleb |posted March 31 2008

    Simple Helix is claiming to have the fastest Magento page loads. I wonder how Media Temple’s DV hosting will perform in comparison.

  6. Scruffy

    6Scruffy from Temecula, California|posted April 1 2008

    Am I the first to install Magento on the grid?

    No products yet… but successful nevertheless.

  7. duffman

    7duffman from Duff Blimp, Springfield|posted April 1 2008

    Does anyone have any documentation on which platform is the best to host Magento on??  I have an (mt) account but am happy to switch if it means performance improvements with another host.

  8. mytechfactory

    8mytechfactory from New York, NY|posted April 1 2008

    wow what’s crazy is that I was just thinking last week that I should switch to media template. Too bad their not PCI compliant. Anyone know a shared host that is?

  9. jasso

    9jasso |posted April 1 2008

    Very nice and easy, although performance seems to be lagging :-(

  10. Crucial Web Host

    10Crucial Web Host from Phoenix, AZ|posted April 1 2008

    We are currently evaluating various apache builds to find a highly optimized solution and I appreciate seeing the results of others.

    Using scruffy’s benchmark above for MediaTemple, they are returning a page load speed of 11.4 seconds for the base installation on there ‘grid service’.

    Our fCGI build in an optimized Magento Container are reporting 6.2 seconds on the same build as above, shaving a full 5 seconds off of the MT install.

    Our second best shared object build is currently reporting 6.5 seconds on the same build as above - again, a marked improvement over the results returned from the mt benchmark.

    We will be continuing to tune both Apache and MySQL to shave off precious seconds from the page load time and we sure would appreciate any other benchmarks to relate to.  We fully understand that this is NOT benchmarking results, however what we are trying to do is find the fastest possible page load for Magento under the best of circumstances.

    Thanks for sharing your results.

    Kind regards,
    Crucial Web Hosting, Ltd.

    Kind regards,

  11. Scruffy

    11Scruffy from Temecula, California|posted April 1 2008  Never heard of that.  Very cool site.  I’m glad my testing install is useful for others too. Is there an automated way to install the sample data on the grid?  That’s what I am trying to figure out now.

  12. from Huntsville, AL|posted April 1 2008

    I don’t want this to turn out into a flame war of who better and faster so I’ll just keep it short.

    The SimpleHelix Pingdom results:

    - 2.8 seconds (thats even with sample data included)

    We are one of the forerunners who have been actively optimizing and benchmarking since day one Magento was released and we won’t dissapoint when it comes to performance & value

    Min Lee

  13. Crucial Web Host

    13Crucial Web Host from Phoenix, AZ|posted April 1 2008

    Those are impressive results, SH~ congratulations on some impressive load times.

    I’d be curious if your build is using anything out of the ordinary?  Do you currently have caching enabled?  I also noticed that your build is not 1.0 - have you made any customizations to the codebase, such as removing the profiler?

    We’ve tried to keep our test to ‘out of the box’ installs - however we are experimenting with various cache acc’s and MPMs to boost stock system performance. 

    You guys have done a nice job of optimization with your example. 

    Kind regards,
    Crucial Web Hosting, Ltd.

  14. Crucial Web Host

    14Crucial Web Host from Phoenix, AZ|posted April 1 2008

    For those interested in the build configurations you can view these for each individual Magento Container at there respective info.php urls; => mod_php => FastCGI


  15. medic

    15medic from Sydney|posted April 1 2008

    Signed up for an account. I’ll see how they go when the DNS has changed over.

  16. brandondrew

    16brandondrew |posted April 1 2008

    Regarding SimpleHelix versus MediaTemple:  I have Magento on both (gs) and SimpleHelix.  I’ve noticed it being VERY slow on (gs), but haven’t noticed any speed problem on SimpleHelix.  I haven’t done any benchmarks, but that’s my experience.

    I am not affiliated with either company in any way. 

    Additionally you should be aware that (gs) has been having lots of problems for as long as I’ve been with them (several months) and go down very frequently, although only for a few minutes at a time, and scheduled downtime on weekends for hours seems to happen every month or so.

    I’m not using SimpleHelix for production sites, so I can’t compare their reliability or uptime, but I have found support to be very responsive and helpful.

  17. jasso

    17jasso |posted April 1 2008

    I’ve been doing some searching around, and yikes! I’d shy away from SimpleHelix after reading this:

    Media Layer and Crucial come out looking very good though.

  18. medic

    18medic from Sydney|posted April 1 2008

    @jasso lol

  19. mytechfactory

    19mytechfactory from New York, NY|posted April 1 2008

    naughty naughty grin

  20. jasso

    20jasso |posted April 1 2008

    Pingdom offers a nice tool—thanks for the lead, btw. FYI, looking at my base install on MediaTemple, I’ve gotten from 9.8 to 18.5s so far—most of the pings being on the lower end.

  21. Scruffy

    21Scruffy from Temecula, California|posted April 1 2008

    I have been using Media Temples grid for about 6 months or so. I’m very happy with my experience there. I have about 20 domains hosted with a few email accounts. Nothing major as far as resources go… but I haven’t had any major issues and don’t notice the downtime everybody talks about.  I’m very happy I switched to MT so far.

  22. jasso

    22jasso |posted April 1 2008

    From what I remember, most of the downtime complaints were about MySQL outages earlier on - I experienced this, too. It does seem they’ve worked through most of those issues though. I definitely don’t have anything against them though, and use them myself (for some things).

  23. brandondrew

    23brandondrew |posted April 1 2008

    NO, the MediaTemple downtime still continues.  I have a service that monitors my uptime, and I have tons of e-mails from them telling me when the service is down, sometimes several in one day.  They monitor from multiple points, and I’ve personally verified that the servers are down when I get these e-mails.  There is DEFINITELY frequent down time with (mt).

    On the bright side, they are usually 3-4 minutes.  I think I’ve seen as low as 2, and maybe as much as 5.  So it’s not catastropic, but you should be aware that it very definitely IS happening.  Don’t let anyone lead you to believe otherwise.  For now I’m living with it, but I don’t plan to stay with them forever, especially if they can’t get this under control.

  24. from Huntsville, AL|posted April 1 2008

    If only you guys had any idea who these guys are and what they do… you wouldn’t even take their word with a grain of salt.

    Whereas I come up with numbers and facts, they use all sorts of tactics to distort the illusion of who is right and wrong.

    Basically, if you read the whole thing, the bottom line is that they are saying it is impossible to benchmark your hosting. Which is just plain jibberish.

    Everything in the world can be properly much benchmarked and with proper logic, you get a pretty good estimate number. It is not really worth talking to if you can’t even put that into simple equation. Many a times, you don’t even need benchmark tools to fully benchmark your hosting performance. Even ySlow on firefox extension can give you fairly accurate estimate of how fast your hosting is.

    There were really lot of dumb and incorrect posts in that thread that I wanted to reply to but it just wasn’t worth my time. I do not like spending time feeding trolls, not to mention feeding a single troll with multiple nicks.

    Basically, I just would like to say that we let the numbers do the talking since day 1. It doesn’t matter who wrote it or where it wrote it, number just does not lie. You can always get the numbers your self.

    Our company is built by real seasoned system administrators. Our strong expertise in optimized hosting comes from many years of hosting sites that hit millions and millions of hits per day.  There are not many hosting companies that have quite as much as experience in hosting as we do.

    And we combine that with professional programmer level support, you really got a very good reliable hosting company at your hands. If you see something wrong with that, then I’m sorry I can’t help you. You are free to choose a different hosting company, it really don’t matter to us.

  25. jasso

    25jasso |posted April 1 2008

    SimpleHelix, I agree that numbers are important, but I’ve been around enough to know that numbers can be skewed. That said, the Pingdom results look great. It looks like you’re on Voxel’s network, which is a good thing too.

    The problem is that you’ve been caught publicly in deceits. When I look for a host, especially for an eCommerce site, I’m looking at performance, but I’m also looking for reliability (will they be around in a few years as best I can tell?), and for a company that I feel comfortable entrusting my data too.

    The fact that you’ve been involved in these various deceits really destroys your credibility here, regardless of numbers. When I’ve seen you lie to market your own company and (it seems) make money, why would I want to trust you with all my customers credit card info?

  26. mytechfactory

    26mytechfactory from New York, NY|posted April 1 2008

    @jasso: We couldn’t agree more!

  27. Scruffy

    27Scruffy from Temecula, California|posted April 1 2008

    I agree with jasso. You’re misleading people intentionally with your tactics. It has nothing to do with the speed of your hosting. It’s poor ethics and many people will not do business with you based on that alone.

  28. 1legspider

    281legspider |posted April 1 2008

    Thank you chaps.

    Was literally on the point of registering with Simple Helix - fortunately came upon this thread - having read the posts and even allowing for entrepreunial license… have to agree that ethics just as important as performance as jasso said up here - I like to think we treat our customers ethically and part of that is entrusting their information with trusted suppliers - not necessarily the cheapest, and certainly not those shown acting with subterfuge to win business.

    We all make mistakes, so not unredeemable for SH who I am sure will go on to do well businesswise - real success is long term and ethical so if you want a decent reputation, you should start earning it…

  29. from Huntsville, AL|posted April 1 2008

    i already know who you guys are, you make it just so obvious.
    let it go, your deceitful tactics are getting old now.

    you keep bringing up ethics but you have a very unethical behaviour yourself. i dont want to name names as I do not like to getting dirty on the forum just like what you guys do. i dont resort to that type of stuff.

    the way I do business and the way you do business is different. I rely on coming up with facts and numbers while you rely solely on tactics like this to try to defame other image on the forum. so do what floats for you and wish you well.

    and since people do not know what real ethical company is, ethic is not spending every minute of your time on WHT.

    WHT is a place that is pretty much 99% hosting companies, 1% customers. There are so many fakes there everybody is paying other people to post threads over there. And unlike you, that not the way we do business.

    If by running a benchmarking site, under a different name make me lose ethics then I guess you are just as ethical by running other blogs under different names. i wonder who has more credibility in that case, me or you? i run a benchmark site getting numbers, and you run a blog just simply putting your company name at the top of the list as the best hosting.

    I hope people sees through your intentions just as easily as I see it.

  30. RoyRubin

    30RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted April 1 2008

    Guys - please take these arguments somewhere else. This Magento Community is not the place.

  31. jasso

    31jasso |posted April 1 2008

    Roy, that makes sense—I agree, though I wanted to point out the problem with SH’s postings, since I was worried he’d deceived others. (SH: I’m not affiliated with anybody you know, btw!)

    Now back to how great it is that MediaTemple is now offering a really easy one-click install…

  32. S.Kacperski (

    32S.Kacperski ( from Warsaw|posted April 2 2008

    n1 smile

  33. leeaston

    33leeaston from France|posted April 2 2008

    It’s to slow to use on MT, nice gesture but not for a real working site.

  34. tradiArt

    34tradiArt from Spain|posted March 12 2009

    Now, almost a year after, how is working Magento in MediaTemple? Any reviews? Thank you!

  35. CPA

    35CPA |posted July 11 2009

    Not great! Although I got it running, installing extension is a pain (I did not succeed yet). It complains about not being able to access the downloader ...

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