Announcing Magento Developer Challenge #1


We are happy to announce the first Magento Developer Challenge (AKA HackGento), integrating Magento with Google Spreadsheet. Our goal is to present a challenge to the community every few weeks and collaborate to develop a valuable Magento Extension with widespread usage in the community.

Without further adieu, details of the Magento Developer Challenge #1 are below:

Overview: Allow simple product management from Google Spreadsheet (GS) using the GS API
Prize: $300 Amazon gift certificate
Questions? Please post all questions in the Developer Challenge Forum


  • Export user-selected (or all) simple products from Magento's product grid directly into a GS doc and allow editing and adding of products in GS.
  • The export should include the union of all attributes that the selected products are associated with.


  • Import all simple products from GS back into Magento while updating existing products and creating new products, if needed.
  • Only attributes that are in the attribute set that a product belongs to will be saved. Any validation on the attribute level (e.g. required, decimal etc...) must be enforced before saving the product.
  • Support for image management by specifying image name and type in GS and pulling the actual image from a specific location (e.g. /temp/) into Magento's file structure.
  • All values of simple products should be supported, including images, design, categories, related products, up-sales etc. Only custom options are excluded.
  • When import is complete a report of all successful and rejected products should be presented to the user, with an appropriate reason(s) for rejection.


Add a new configuration section under Catalog called Google Docs API to enter all required authentication values (token, etc.)


  • The solution must be developed and submitted as a Magento Extension compatible with Magento 1.1.x and higher.
  • The extension must use Magento native functionality as much as possible.
  • Extension should be packaged and uploaded in the appropriate forum thread. Varien staff will test and validate the extension in the order submitted.
  • The solution's asthetics must be compatible with the Magento Admin interface.
  • The extension must be licensed under an OSI certified license (OSL, GPL, etc.)
  • Once verified, the extension must be made available through Magento Connect to the public.

Please note - we reserve the right to make changes at any time to the contest rules.

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