Announcing Magento and StrikeIron Partnership


We are very excited to announce a partnership between Magento and StrikeIron, the leader in Data as a Service. The integration with StrikeIron will provide Magento store owners the ability to easily integrate with a variety of useful data, including global address verification, sales and use tax rates (US), currency exchange rates and email verification.

The ability to access this information through a web service will provide numerous benefits to Magento store owners.

“StrikeIron is excited that Magento will be integrating our web services with their ecommerce platform,” said Bob Brauer, president and CEO of StrikeIron. “This partnership illustrates the ease with which applications can be extended with real-time data offered through our web services.”

The production version of Magento (Magento 1.0) will include integration with two of the StrikeIron web services to begin, with more to follow soon after, including address verification for the US and sales tax rates.

The first two StrikeIron web services to be integrated will be the Foreign Exchange Rates Web Service and the Email Verification Web Service.

The Foreign Exchange Rates Web Service includes current foreign exchange rates for 23 current and 9 legacy currencies, provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and updated every day at 12 noon EST. This integration will allow Magento store owners to display up-to-date prices to their customers in multiple currencies.

The Email Verification Web Service instantly verifies whether an email address exists or not, without having to send an email.

Magento Store Owners will be able to enjoy the benefits of both services after signing up with StrikeIron.

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User Comments

  1. Tuuk

    1Tuuk |posted January 15 2008

    mmmmm how much is StrikeIron gonna cost?
    Also StikeIron is a plus for US store owners, a not so plus for other countries.

    Can the service also be turned off? Or part of the services? US sales tax rates isn’t interesting for European countries.

    I’m sorry but this feels to me like the first bad thing I’ve read on this website.

    Very interested what other people feel.



  2. Moshe

    2Moshe from Los Angeles|posted January 15 2008

    @Tuuk: There are no mandatory integrations in Magento. How an option can be bad?

  3. RoyRubin

    3RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted January 15 2008

    In addition to Moshe’s comments ...

    StrikeIron is not a requirement. Services will be available for those users that wish to use it and you can certainly choose not to use it at all. Although US Sales Tax isn’t interesting for European countries, other StrikeIron service may be (for example, global address validation, currency rates, etc.). In regards to cost, you’ll have to visit their site - I am not sure what they charge.

    Hope this makes sense.

  4. mayerwin

    4mayerwin from France|posted January 16 2008

    Moshe and RoyRubin, and all the other members of your team, I just wanted to congratulate you for all the work you have achieved until now. It is truly awesome!
    If in the future I need highly skilled developers for a very high added-value project, I am sure that doing business with you will be highly profitable for us both. Your sense of quality is a very scarce resource.
    Keep doing this great job, and see you soon for business!

  5. Ron Seigel

    5Ron Seigel from Ottawa, ON|posted January 16 2008


    Whoa! Wait a second here....

    You’ve partnered with a company for a service that may or may not be a benefit to the community at large and you’re “not sure what they charge”.

    That may be the first boneheaded thing I’ve ever seen you say here (sorry to be blunt - don’t take it too personally wink )

    If I’m “partnering” with a company I’m going to know everything there is to know about them (especially what they’re going to be charging). Your reputation is now very much tied to theirs.

  6. RoyRubin

    6RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted January 16 2008

    @mayerwin - Thanks for the kind words - much appreciated.

    @Ron Seigel - You are certainly blunt. If you care to research StrikeIron’s pricing you will notice that its based on volume and subscription terms and differs per service. It will vary per user per service per contract.

    Magento’s reputation will be judged by our products. Partners (StrikeIron, Paypal, Google,, UPS, DHL, etc.) are an important part of the puzzle, but they certainly are not connected directly with the Magento product.

  7. LorenzoG

    7LorenzoG |posted January 16 2008

    I feel excited by Varien partnership programme. I see the different partner services as a complement and as long it’s voluntary to use them it can’t be bad. If they don’t fit my needs then I don’t need to use them. Hopefully the different partners will help Varien to increase to good name of Magento when professional services are available for the beneficial of all parties involved.

    I agree that Strikeirons services seems very focused for the American market and I hope it comes equal companies that are more focused on the europe market and our needs.

    However, it’s one service that Strikeirons I’m interested in and its the Foreign Exchange Rates Service, you can find equal free services but I feel that is something I would like to pay for to be certain that I get a reliable service.

    Looking forward for more announcements!

  8. Johan

    8Johan from Sweden|posted January 16 2008

    Will free currency updates be removed completely now? I really liked it.

  9. RoyRubin

    9RoyRubin from Los Angeles, CA|posted January 16 2008

    @Johan - they will certainly not be removed

  10. skipperSwede

    10skipperSwede from Portland, OR|posted January 16 2008

    More optional services = a very good thing (in general).
    And as far as the pricing and cost is concerned, I think this should be specified elsewhere and
    not in this forum.
    That is my 2¢.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. austinstorm

    11austinstorm from Moscow, ID|posted January 17 2008

    Ron Seigel, you are a Superdork(tm)!

  12. Ross

    12Ross from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK|posted January 17 2008

    I for one welcome the news of this partnership.  For any Magento store that may want to make use of StrikeIron services it’s great to know that no further development is required and that there is a supported integration.

    While the StrikeIron services may only appeal to a sub-set of Magento users, it is still great to have the option.

    What interests me the most about this news, is that it paves the way for similar future partnerships.  For example: address completion and verification is a great value-add for an e-commerce store - integration with a provider such as would be great for UK based stores.

    Congratulations once again to the Magento team.

  13. Tuuk

    13Tuuk |posted January 25 2008

    @ LorenzoG: mmm I see oscommerce have a free option to get the exhange rates:

    @ Magento team: keep up the good work, love your work!

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