50+ Payment Gateways Now Supported in Magento


The Magento ecosystem continues to grow with support for over 50 payment gateways now available. The Magento community has taken an active role and contributions account for the bulk of the extensions (as listed below). In addition to the core bundled support for Authorize.net, Paypal (various products), Google Checkout and Check/Money Orders, you can find the following extensions on Magento Connect:

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  1. Crucial

    1Crucial from Phoenix, AZ|posted October 8 2008

    Wow. I didn’t realize you guys has over 50 already, that’s incredible!

  2. Crucial

    2Crucial from Phoenix, AZ|posted October 8 2008

    Ah, “you guys has”...yeah, that’s how you say it, right?

  3. pss7_

    3pss7_ from Austria|posted October 9 2008

    moneybookers still missing…

  4. alex.bsc

    4alex.bsc |posted October 10 2008

    NoChex people, NoChex!! smile

  5. Bloomland

    5Bloomland |posted October 16 2008

    Which of these should be used in a commerce area as Hong Kong and China?
    Thank you.

  6. elbrown4183

    6elbrown4183 |posted December 4 2008

    ViaKlix!  ViaKlix!?  Yes?..No?  Maybe?

  7. dormgear

    7dormgear from Connecticut, USA|posted December 10 2008

    Quickbooks terminal cmon now!

  8. troy.netreba

    8troy.netreba |posted February 9 2009

    Do you integrate with the Clickbank gateway?

  9. flounderfish

    9flounderfish |posted March 30 2009

    Hi All,
    Here’s an extract from an email message sent me by a guy trying to get the payment gateway working for the site I’ve already set up in Magento: doesn’t sound so promising!

    “The magento version of your software is not pci compliant.  Which means that not one of the platforms we use can support it.  We use the biggest ones, they are:  nashville, omaha, vital, bypass, and some others.  Please let me know if there is anything else you might be using or if your check outs go through a different software.”

    Does anybody have any input about this?  He represents one of the biggest resellers of gateway access in the states, iPayment.


  10. jmorrow

    10jmorrow from Chicago,IL|posted May 27 2009

    Are any of these UK specific?
    Connect has a remote api gateway for HSBC, but I am currently having problems with it.


  11. SaveInstant

    11SaveInstant from Calgary|posted July 20 2009

    Hello All,

    I am looking for ViaKlix payment gateway for Magento.
    Do we have it available?
    I am willing to pay if anyone is interested to develop it, please send quote to


  12. fotoman

    12fotoman |posted September 10 2009

    Hi there
    where do I find a complete list of USA supported gateways?
    Is Magento PCI compliant?
    Do they support Chase payment tech?
    Do they support First Data

  13. TeamNovo

    13TeamNovo |posted December 8 2009

    Nochex is supported...please find it here


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