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Combining the Powers of Ask and Answers using Twitter - Magento Answers Update


Magento Answers Update - Week 7

7 weeks ago we launched Magento Answers and the response has been amazing. During this time, we've spent a good deal of time reading, analyzing the statistics, compiling feedback and learning (from you) what you are most curious about, and who some of the best sources of answers and information are. Thank you all for your continued participation.

@Ask_Magento on Twitter

About 10 months ago, we announced @Ask_Magento -- our community-powered Q&A on Twitter. In that time, over 2500 Twitter users and Magento enthusiasts have joined in the conversation. Community members from around the globe ask and answer questions from simple administrative functions to highly technical questions. Yes, all this in 140 characters or less!

Combining the Powers of Ask and Answers

Recently, we've been trying to combine the powers of these two great resources using the built-in Twitter functionality. The results have been great -- check out some of the examples below:


We encourage you to try using Twitter too. Simply configure your settings on Magento Answers and click the twitter icon along side any question to send your tweet. If you really want to give your question a boost -- cc: @Ask_Magento

Happy Tweeting

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