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Magento 0.6.13160 Available for Download

Magento 0.6.13160 is now available for download. In this minor release, the following items were updated:

  • Fixed links parameters handling in CMS pages
  • Fixed default currency displaying in frontend stores

International Currency Screencast

Using international currency screencast is now online. Click on the image below to view.


Magento 0.6.13110 (latest) Update

If you’ve downloaded Magento version 0.6.13110 prior to 13:00 PST, October 16 - please download the files once again. Updated files have been posted.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Magento 0.6.13110 Available for Download

We are pleased to announce the availability for download of Magento Preview version 0.6.13110. The biggest highlights of the release include performance gains, ability to control currencies on a per store level including enabling/disabling currencies from the Zend locale, and the finalization of the shipping and payment API's (see a recent wiki post on how to create a payment module).

Yoav, Varien's CTO discusses the release in the video below (recorded a few hours before the release):


Major Changes:

  • Added product tags multistore functionality
  • Implemented currency administration
  • Currency rates updating via webservices was reworked, the tutorial on currency rate webservices integration will be posted in Magento blog soon
  • Locale settings configuration added to choose allowed Zend_Locale data
  • Fixed multiwebsite cache and sessions issues (i.e. different secure/nonsecure domains)
  • Unified events and layouts names, documentation will follow soon
  • Mage_Core, Mage_Checkout, Mage_Catalog, Mage_Cms and Mage_Review modules helpers implemented for better performance
  • Improved countries and regions saving logic, saving ISO country codes rather then ids
  • Few minor bugs fixed in installation wizard
  • Added custom database port/socket setting in installation wizard
  • Refactored controllers, moved operations from constructor to preDispatch
  • Rewritten Mage_Log module
  • Implemented cache management to allow disabling and enabling specific cache (configuration, layouts, blocks HTML output, EAV types and attributes, translations)
  • Fixed theme translation loading

Known Issues:

  • New allowed currency is immediately available in frontend that causes 'Undefined rate from "XXX-YYY"' messages and wrong calculations in shopping cart and checkout until the currency rates are updated
  • Configurable product price doesn't use locale format to display

Coming Soon: Magento Groups

In this video, we present Magento Groups which will provide the ability for users to get together in working groups to achieve certain goals and/or tasks. For example, a user can start a group to develop a specific payment module. Other users would then join this group and take part. Each group would have a blog and wiki that are used to communicate with each of the members of that group.

We expect groups to form on a wide array of topics that can include (for example) development, design, marketing, search engine optimization, drop shipping, fulfillment, localization, accounting, etc. The options are endless. The concept is important to further enhance the Magento community and provide a platform for communication. With the upcoming group functionality, users will be able to take specific action(s) to expand the Magento feature set and discuss a wide array of topics that are of interest.

Magento Groups is expected to be available within 30-45 days with multi-lingual support.

Click Image to Enlarge

Magento’s First International Community Page - Germany

The first international community page is now online at and features the German Community (our most active).

Herzlich Willkommen in der deutschen Community!


Additional international pages will be launched in the weeks ahead.

Creating a Payment Module in Magento


We've posted a Wiki article with an overview on how to create a payment module in Magento. The document is based on an almost complete implementation of the API and we expect the final changes to be minimal.

If you'd like to take a shot at integrating your favorite payment gateway, the article is the place to start.

Magento Version 0.6.12840 Available for Download (includes PayPal Support)

We are pleased to announce the availability for download of Magento Preview version 0.6.12840. The biggest highlight of the release is PayPal integration (view screencast) and multi-lingual support.


Magento supports two different PayPal methods for use in your websites and stores: PayPal Express, which allows the customer to check out from the PayPal site, and PayPal Direct, which offers credit card processing capability without the customer having to ever leave your store.

With PayPal Express, the customer is transferred to PayPal's checkout from a button in the shopping cart, or from the "Payment Method" section of the Magento checkout process. Upon successfully completing checkout, they are immediately returned to the "Completed Order" page on your store. Customers with a PayPal account looking for a quick checkout may prefer this option.

With PayPal Direct, customers don't need a PayPal account. Instead, customers are prompted to enter their credit card information in the "Payment Method" stage of your store's checkout, taking them seamlessly through the process from beginning to end. With Magento's ability to re-name payment methods, customers don't even need to know they're using PayPal.

Checkout Magento's PayPal functionality in action ...


-- RELEASE NOTES - MAGENTO 0.6.12840 --


Added localization settings:

  • Locale configuration in installation wizard
  • Locale configuration in admin
  • Currency and date formatting

Added translations functionality:

  • Reworked all the templates to take translated values
  • Prepared translation skeletons
  • Implemented English (US) translation

Implemented Paypal payment methods:

  • Website Payments Pro
  • Paypal Express
  • PayPal Direct

Admin permissions implementation mostly rewritten

  • Moved permissions models to 'Admin' module, 'Permissions' module deleted
  • Implemented permissions checking for system configuration section in admin

Added multi store product reviews management functionality

Added multi store ratings management functionality


  • Menu hover color bug fix
  • Fixed error in install template
  • Fixed one-page checkout javascript error
  • Fixed image uploader for Windows
  • Fixed loading install layout from db
  • Fixed layout and payment methods displaying in multiple addresses checkout
  • Empty password was sent in checkout registration email
  • Adding item to wishlist twice caused program exceptions
  • Fixed deleting backups
  • Fixed few newsletter subscription bugs ('My Account' dashboard text, newsletter status in admin)


  • Added few models' setters and getters to increase performance
  • Replaces _initChildren to _prepareLayout and removed _afterSetLayout methods
  • Added Block_Abstract::getBlockHtml method
  • Layouts moved to single file
  • Changed most of the layout updates to be action updates
  • Implemented payment methods sorting
  • Added 'Exclude multi-address checkout' option in payment methods configuration
  • Added 'Save As' function for newsletter templates


  • 3rd level admin menu is broken in IE
  • Coupon discount not shown in order totals in customer account
  • Security warnings when submitting forms from secure to non-secure pages

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