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“Magento Shopping Cart And 20,000 Friends” - Practical eCommerce Interview


Roy Rubin held the cyber equivalent of a barn raising and had several thousand of his closest friends over for the event. Of course, everyone actually stayed home and did the work from their own little cubicles, kitchen tables, laptops on airplanes and Blackberrys on bar tops. That’s how it goes when you launch a project like developing an open source shopping cart, which is what Rubin and his team at Varien did over the past couple of years. The result is Magento, a shopping the source code of which is yours, free for the download, and which is now loaded on servers around the globe in about 45 languages ... So how does Magento stack up against those other commercial, closed source systems? Apparently quite well. Out of the box (or off the server) it competes with the commercial options well, and the community seems to be serving itself with considerable interplay. A look at the forums on the Magento site shows plenty of interaction among the 20,000 members. There are some features that the pay-for-play packages don’t do well.

Read the Interview on the Practical eCommerce website

“Open-Source PHP applications that changed the world”


PHP::Impact recently rounded up 16 open-source PHP applications that “changed the world”, broken up by year. Although we do take our work seriously, changing the world is not quite part of our mission (yet) smile In any case, it’s great to see Magento listed among some notable favorites such as Wordpress, SugarCRM, MediaWiki, Drupal and others.

Thanks Federico for the mention!

“[Magento] keeps licensed software on their toes…”

It’s by far one of the more exciting e-commerce platforms available for free on the market today. Dripping with features, they really have thought of everything. Wishlists, shop by price and category, item comparison - all the things we’ve come to expect from professional web stores. Its software as good as this that really keeps licensed software on their toes..

Not Your Average Geeks blog review of ”9 kick ass Open Source E-commerce platforms”.

(also mentioned on CNET - Thanks Matt!)

“Becoming a Magnet of Open Source”

image Magento was recently covered by Israel's TheMarker newspaper (often referred to as Israel's Wall Street Journal) in its printed daily edition. The article provides an overview of Varien as well as insight into the commercial open source business model. See the full article here (in Hebrew)

Magento Covered by CNET


Put in English, Magento is an open-source solution for setting up and managing an online store. The product appears to be pretty robust already, but the roadmap looks even better.

If you need to set up an online store, why pay the six- to seven-figures to do so when you can use Magento for free and then pay when you want support going into production?

Read the rest of the article by Matt Asay.

Thanks for your interest Matt! We open sourcerors like to shake things up smile

Magento is an “Essential Tool for the Freelancer”

image listed Magento as an ”Essential Tools for the Freelancer” in a recent post. Additional essential tools include Basecamp (project management), Blinksale (invoicing), Harvest (time tracking), and Mailbuild (newsletter distribution), among others.

Magento is a new and powerful open source eCommerce platform. If you’re clients need to be able to open an online store and sell products, I would suggest you look into implementing Magento. It’s fairly new, but looks fresh and intuitive. It’s a great alternative to existing platforms that are less user friendly, and more of a pain to integrate (yes, I’m talking about you ZenCart!)

Thanks Bryan for including us in the list!

Magento Featured in T3N Magazine (Germany)


Magento is featured in the latest issue of T3N magazine from Germany. In addition to an overview of the product, a two-page interview with Yoav (CTO) and Roy (CEO) is presented.

The T3N magazine is the world’s first print magazine on the subject of Open Source, web development and TYPO3.  It focuses on current industry issues in addition to web development and the Open-Source Content management system TYPO3, as well as interesting projects from the open-source environment.

Get the latest issue here. Thanks to Marcel (AKA 73inches) and Rico (AKA Rizi) from the Magento German Community for all the help!

Interview with Roy Rubin on Google’s Enterprise Superstars Blog


Roy Rubin, Varien’s CEO, was recently interviewed by Google’s Enterprise Search Team:

We talked with Roy Rubin, who was the driver behind the beautiful implementation of CSBE [Custom Business Search Engine] at Magento. We have decided to retain his original Q&A format so that prospects and users can easily see the decision process for this particular case to use Google’s Custom Search Engine.

Read the full interview on Google’s Blog

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