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Shoffee Gets a Jolt from New Magento Website


Unless you’re one of those superhumans that starts the day with a tall glass of water, there’s a good bet you are aware of the single-serve coffee maker craze. The popularity of these one-cup-per-brew machines has exploded, and New Jersey-based retailer Shoffee is right at the forefront of the trend.

While Shoffee’s business model of selling single-serve coffee makers and accessories online was strong from the outset, its original eCommerce store was not. A custom eCommerce site built in HTML, the site required an outside developer for every change. Moreover, the back-end system was limited; reporting and analytics were nonexistent; and there was no way to support up-sell, cross-sell, or product recommendation features.

This all changed, however, once Shoffee executives saw a Magento demo. Before long, Magento Solution Partner Briteskies was rebuilding their eCommerce store on the Magento Enterprise platform. Briteskies also designed and implemented an iPhone and android optimized site for, providing mobile customers with a seamless user experience.

The new site lets internal staff members make their own updates; is integrated with digital marketing, dynamic recommendations, and SEO functionality; and has sophisticated reporting and analytics. Because Shoffee no longer has to hire outside developers for every administrative update to the site, they can invest their savings into growing the business instead. And due to the site’s new customer focus, sales and brand loyalty have skyrocketed.

It feels just about as good as that first morning cup of Joe.

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The Football League Scores More Registrations with Magento Enterprise


UK parents rejoice: The Football League – the world’s original league football competition – just made it easier to enroll aspiring David Beckhams and Kelly Smiths in their local club’s soccer schools.

Prior to August 2011, parents had to cart their kids (in a minivan, we presume) to various clubs across England and Wales to register them in person for a coaching course. But since The Football League adopted the Magento Enterprise platform, parents can now do it in just a few clicks, from the comfort of their own computers.

Parents can search – and sign their kids up – for Official Football League club soccer schools based on location, date, age group and activity. And they can pay for it in one single transaction through a synced, centralized website built and supported by Magento Solution Partner Session Digital.

The switch to online registrations put an end to processing tons of paperwork, which made life easier for Mother Nature’s forests and for the clubs’ soccer school administrators. It also helped to generate nearly £15,000 in revenue for The Football League’s participating clubs in the first few months. Now that’s a big win.

Thousands of companies – including many of the world’s biggest brands – are using Magento Enterprise to grow their online businesses. Wondering how Magento Enterprise can help your business?


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E.C. Kraus: A Home-Brewed Magento Success Story


Family-owned business E.C. Kraus has been providing supplies for making beer and wine at home since 1966. Recently the company asked Magento Solution Partner Groove Commerce to create an eCommerce store that would cater to the different needs of their two main customer groups – wine makers and beer brewers.

Using the Magento Enterprise platform, Groove Commerce built a dynamic site that gives all of E.C. Kraus’ customers exactly what they want. Wine lovers can now easily find the perfect testing equipment for crafting their ideal blend. Beer aficionados can pinpoint specialty grains for the perfect brew. And every customer gets one-click shopping, decreased load times, and better overall site performance.

Not only are customers happier; so is the staff. The new site gives E.C. Kraus employees the flexibility needed to provide the best possible service, with features like advanced contact management and the ability to add a free gift to every order.

Happy shoppers, happy employees, happy merchant…we’ll drink to that!

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French Retailer Puts Its Best Foot Forward With Magento Enterprise


If you run into someone in France wearing Birkenstock sandals, chances are they’re either an American backpacker or a CB2 customer.

CB2 is the exclusive retailer of Birkenstock products in France. Realizing that more and more people are choosing to buy footwear online, they decided to launch NOS-SANDALES.COM, an online store dedicated to Birkenstock.

The company embarked on an intensive global search to find a partner that could help them create an eCommerce site that would fit their size and image. They ultimately chose Magento Solution Partner Synolia.

Built on Magento Enterprise, CB2’s new site is as stylish and comfortable as Birkenstocks themselves. Customers can quickly find what they’re looking for, receive customer service without having to wait, and log in and view updates through their Facebook accounts. And the company gets up-to-the-minute customer information that lets them continuously improve an already thriving business.

Within a few days of the online store’s opening, tens of thousands of new members came pouring in. And they don’t seem to be “taking a hike” any time soon!

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One Platform. Two Partners. Ten Thousand Villages.


Ten Thousand Villages is one of the world’s largest Fair Trade organizations. With more than 70 retail outlets throughout the United States, this merchant provides a marketplace for artisans from all over the world.

When Ten Thousand Villages decided to relaunch its site for the 2011 holiday shopping season, they selected Magento Enterprise as the platform and turned to Magento Solution Partner CorraTech to implement the new store.

As part of the move to a new platform, Ten Thousand Villages wanted to preserve and improve the successful email-marketing solutions that they had developed with Listrak, a Magento Industry Partner. By working together closely, the combined CorraTech and Listrak teams were able to integrate Listrak’s services – including Customer Purchase Metrics and Shopping Cart Abandonment – into the new site without a hitch.

CorraTech made numerous customizations to Magento including expanding the native gift registry functionality. CorraTech also took advantage of Magento’s native multi-store capability to provide over 80 separate sites for Ten Thousand Village’s individual stores, all running on the same instance of the application. This enabled shoppers to see product availability by physical store location.

Visit to see experience the great result of working with the right partners and platform. While you’re there, buy something and support this great fair trade retailer!

Magento Go Merchant Spotlight: A Cup of Sugar, a Pinch of Technology and a Whole Lot of Success…

Over the past two weeks we’ve introduced you to some of our successful Magento Go merchants: David Bandrowski of The Deering Banjo Company and Kirshan Murphy of Inked Magazine are prime examples of merchants who have used Go to build better online businesses.

This week’s story may be the sweetest one yet. Arline Conigliaro of Imperial Cookies discusses her experience of working with a professional web designer to create a beautiful site that reflected her brand's image. Even without advanced technological skills, Arline finds it easy to print reports, fulfill orders, ship her cookies and run a successful online bakeshop.

Magento Go Merchant Spotlight: A Lesson in Fine Tuning Your Site

Magento Go was released in February of 2011 as the eCommerce solution for small merchants who wanted more out of their online stores. Over the past year we’ve been amazed at everything our merchants have been able to accomplish using the platform. As the momentum behind Magento Go continues to build, we decided to share some of our merchants’ success stories…in their own words. We’re excited to show you video testimonials of merchants who are using Magento Go to effectively build their online businesses.

Our first testimonial comes from David Bandrowski of The Deering Banjo Company. David sought out a different solution for Deering’s eCommerce business when the company’s previous platform wasn’t performing to their standards. Magento Go’s template system was the solution David was searching for and more. Here’s his story…

Sweet Success: Doubling Conversion and Order Size on Cyber Monday


Start with sweet Vermont butter, fresh local cream and pure Belgian chocolate...craft ingredients into small batches of irresistible treats...then offer these treats to chocolate lovers everywhere. That’s Lake Champlain Chocolates’ recipe for success. Their premium products are available throughout the US at specialty food and gift stores, upscale hotels and inns and at three company-owned stores in Vermont.

When it came time for Lake Champlain Chocolates to update their website to keep pace with growth, Magento Enterprise was at the core of the solution.

Magento Solution Partner Grand River designed and implemented the new site, which delivers an upscale shopping experience that effectively conveys Lake Champlain Chocolates’ premium brand. Grand River implemented several customizations, including a checkout feature that enables shoppers to easily ship products to multiple addresses on multiple dates.

Double the Conversion, Double the Order Size

The new site doesn’t just make your mouth water; it also converts shoppers into buyers, as evidenced on Cyber Monday 2011. Lake Champlain Chocolates’ conversion that day reached 16.44%, more than twice their conversion rate on the same day a year earlier. Average order value doubled as well.

Sweet success indeed!

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