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Mothercare Turns to Magento For Global Expansion


Mothercare, a U.K. retailer and longtime provider of specialty products for expectant mothers and their children, has recently completed another milestone of their global expansion by launching their Mothercare Ukraine storefront on Magento Enterprise Edition. The newly launched website is fully localized with language, currency, checkout, and shipping, reflecting local market needs and serving as the platform for a seamless brand experience–online and offline–through Mothercare Ukraine’s loyalty system.

Mothercare International was challenged with building a local presence through integration with the local line of business systems and operations. Magento Solution Partner Crimsonwing was engaged to design, build, and implement a global solution for Mothercare International that can provide common functionality via a core system to enable swifter international expansion for all franchisees. In addition to online expertise, Crimsonwing demonstrated a key understanding of Mothercare’s business operations and business model to deliver a dynamic, scalable solution that could demonstrate consistency across Mothercare’s global footprint.

Chris Hodge, Mothercare Group’s International eCommerce Program Manager commented that, “This is a true example of a real international project involving multiple third parties across four locations and three countries. The project has included implementing the eCommerce solution, setting up a new team in the Ukraine, and all operational changes to support a new eChannel in the Ukraine for our brands.”

We’d like to congratulate Mothercare International, Mothercare Ukraine, and Magento partner Crimsonwing on their successful collaboration that serves as a true testament to the power and innovation of Magento products and the Magento community.

Luxury Fashion Shop Drives Global Content-to-Commerce Success


Munich based launched in 2006 to bring the runway looks its brick-and-mortar sister store (THERESA) offered to the web. The premise for the business is simple: go to the world’s top fashion shows and cherry pick the hottest pieces from the top designers (from Balenciaga to Valentino), and sell them directly to customers. Seven years later, features over 180 brands and their business has grown by over 60% annually since 2008.

How did they do it? Like many web stores, started out on a small platform managed by only two people. Within three years, they were at the very limit of their site functionality and traffic capacity, and with limited options to upgrade the site, add modules or beef up their security without crippling the entire site.

After extensive research, partnered with Magento Solution Partner mzentrale to rebuild their site on Magento Enterprise Edition because of its robust feature set, flexibility and active community. “It was a very easy decision to go with Magento because the platform’s flexibility aligned with our unique business model,” said Head of IT, Ulf Dammertz.

Key capabilities on their wish list:

  • Flexibility to power their unique content to commerce approach
  • Ability to quickly and easily upload large volume of product updates multiple times per week
  • Customize caching to split channels by business needs rather than by traffic
  • Ability to dynamically support 19 parallel store views

“We needed a highly flexible and scalable ecommerce platform to support our unique business model combining fashion publishing and retail around the world,” said Dammertz. “Thanks to our close partnership with mzentrale, we’ve been able to achieve incredible results with Magento Enterprise Edition.”


With massive growth since its launch, is now one of the leading luxury-fashion web stores in Europe, carrying many brands that don’t have their own eCommerce sites (see the interview with Christoph and Susanne Botschen, co-founders of at WWD Summer Session below). And, unlike other online fashion sites that dictate pricing to fit their own business model, continues to put designers first. Those who partner with know that their needs get first priority. If a designer wants to update pricing in a specific country—even if they’re featuring just a few items— can make those updates very quickly. It’s a big part of why enjoys some unique fashion relationships and its business has consistently experienced such high annual growth.

Since they started working with Magento Enterprise Edition in 2011, they now have over 1.5M unique monthly visitors and 2,000 orders a day, and over 900 new pieces go live every week. Their mobile app has been downloaded over 45,000 times, they have over 175,000 newsletter subscribers, and 60% of sales come from international markets accessed through their site.

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Click images to enlarge.

Designer Focus image gives each designer their own store with a profile and current trend description in the header banner.

Shop the Shows image

Shop looks right off the runway from the hottest shows. Hover over the products to see the piece in the runway look.

Trend Shop image pulls the pieces together into their favorite trends of the season.

image image

Ludwig Beck: The Beauty of Going Responsive Online


Founded in 1861, Germany’s Ludwig Beck began as a button and ribbon maker and grew into one of Europe’s most famous department stores known as a “shopping paradise that satisfies the heart’s desires of local residents, visitors from the region and from all over the world.” They launched their web store in 2012 to make their fine beauty products accessible to an even broader audience.

Ludwig Beck’s main priority for their web store was to expand their reach beyond their Munich brick-and-mortar store, while offering the same luxurious experience. They wanted an elegant product display that could handle high traffic and a catalog of 7,500 products, high-end service features, and responsive design so customers could shop on any device.


“Many clients found it a pity, that they couldn´t buy our products from the comfort of their own home,” says Fabian Goehler, CEO of German luxury department store Ludwig Beck subsidiary GmbH. So Ludwig Beck turned to Magento Solution Partner mzentrale and with their help built the online shop in only nine months with Magento Enterprise Edition. Not only did they get the merchandising and site performance features they were looking for, they also got a responsive design, so they didn’t need to pay for an expensive shopping app.

Since the launch, Ludwig Beck has seen the increase in business and brand awareness they were looking for, as well as an increase in male shoppers, a segment that doesn’t typically shop their beauty counter. They’re also very excited about the reception of their responsive design, and reported higher than average shopping from tablets and other mobile devices.

“We are large enough to play with the big ones but small enough to be different,” says Goehler about the online creation of Ludwig Beck. “We offer our clients a service level that is hard to beat, even by large providers.”

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Merchants Rev Their eCommerce Engines for Holiday 2013

Savvy brands know that, during the holiday rush, performance and speed are key to keeping customers happy. That’s why we’re excited to see so many merchants taking advantage of the performance and speed gains in Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13 just in time for the holidays.

image Charlotte Tilbury – Designer Cosmetics
Magento Solution Partner – Space48

Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury (Vogue, Vanity Fair, LOVE and V Magazine) just launched her signature line of cosmetics in September, both online and in store at Selfridges, London, and an online countdown timer that had customers aching with the suspense. Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13’s fully customizable features enabled them to create reviews that allow customers to add their skin, hair and eye color, and access to easy bundling tools for a variety of shop-the-look options, one of Tilbury’s biggest asks. The platform also handled the massive peak of launch traffic quite nicely.
image Hawkin’s Bazaar – Toys and Gifts
Magento Solution Partner – Redbox Digital

Hawkin’s Bazaar began selling its “unusual” toys and gifts via mail order in 1973 and has since grown to operating 27 brick-and-mortar locations, and, of course, a fantastic Magento Enterprise Edition powered website. They upgraded from version 1.12 to 1.13 just after we released it, and they have already seen significant improvements in site stability, and decreases in requirements for performance and infrastructure.
image MicroScooters – Scooters and Scooter Accessories
Magento Solution Partner – Screen Pages

When two entrepreneurial mums with little business experience approached a Swiss based scooter manufacturer about launching distribution in the UK, it wasn’t an easy sell. Somehow, they got the contract and, slowly, but surely, they got their scooters and accessories into the hands of nearly a million children and adults. Upgrading their Micro Scooters site to Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13 gave them a host of improved features including stronger promotional and product-bundling capabilities, improved transactional functionality for customers, and better flexibility and control in content management. Since launch, conversions are up 10% YOY, and revenues are up 30%.
image YOU Beauty Discovery – Beauty Products Club
Magento Solution Partner – Redbox Digital

The Sunday Mail launched online beauty club YOU Beauty Discovery in August to help customers choose the right products with a try-before-you-buy option. For a small fee, club members receive monthly samples of products from hair care to cosmetics. One of their primary goals in upgrading from Magento Community Edition to Magento Enterprise Edition was the ability to do events, but they were also looking for scalability. With brilliant performance so far, they’re confident they can build to 100,000 members over time.

Innovative Fashion Brand Gets a Big Performance Boost


Challenging the ideas that high fashion needs to have a brick-and-mortar presence and big price tags, Sole Society’s innovative founder and CEO, Brett Markinson, launched the online shoe, handbag and accessories company “to engage in something disruptive.” The result is a quickly growing fashion brand that’s marketed with an impeccable high-end online user experience to match.


Markinson notes in his candid video testimonial (below) that they were looking for a highly customizable platform, with strong engineering support, that had “a lot of credibility in the marketplace.” Chief Product Officer, William Bartley added that they also wanted a platform that could grow with them, “from a million dollar business up to a $200 million dollar business,” and that’s why they chose Magento.

To help elevate their experience online, the Sole Society team turned to Magento Solution Partner Guidance for improvements to their site that would give them speed and functionality without sacrificing style.

What else did they get? A complete upgrade of their features, site performance, integrations and login functionality. Markinson says, “For us, the magic of the technology is that we can make it invisible. It’s the fluid nature of how easy it is for us using Magento platform to evolve and develop quickly.”

From the front end, the technology has definitely created a seamless user experience where customers can easily navigate from style guides and collections to very detailed-but-uncluttered product detail pages (all easily managed from the Admin interface). With the upgraded caching system, Sole Society has also seen big improvements in site performance, including a 75% improvement in the “quick view” functionality for all product images (from a four second load time to 1.5 seconds).

Bartley says, “We’ve had significant growth. It’s been fantastic, and Magento is a tool that’s helped us get there.”

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Shop the Look


Click images to enlarge.

Australian Toy Company Kidstuff Gets Some Very Grown-Up Results


Educational-toy retailer Kidstuff wasn’t playing when they asked for a complete upgrade of their site from Magento Community Edition, and they definitely wanted increased conversion and better integration with their brick-and-mortar stores.

Magento Gold Solution Partner eWave tapped into the sophisticated features and functionality of Magento Enterprise Edition to give them all of that—and much more.

As a result, Kidstuff hit their yearly goals just six weeks after their re-launch, opening the business’ eyes to what their eCommerce channel can do.

View Kidstuff’s Success Story


Feature Highlight: Virtual Gift Cards

Kidstuff offers an advanced virtual gift card option where you can easily customize and download your gift-card purchase, for use in-store or online. The personalized message is also a nice touch. Click the image to expand.

Thousands of companies—including many of the world’s biggest brands—are using Magento Enterprise Edition to grow their online businesses. Find out how it can help yours.


Global Lingerie Leader Finds a Perfect Fit with Magento Enterprise Edition


Founded in New Zealand in 1947, global lingerie and intimate apparel retailer Bendon now has thirteen brands in its portfolio and a strong brick-and-mortar presence.

They really needed more support and flexibility from their eCommerce solution and Magento Solution Partner Infinity Technology knew that Magento Enterprise Edition was the perfect fit.

Since their re-launch, Bendon has reported:

  • A big increase in month-on-month sales
  • Almost double the site traffic
  • Expansion of their brand awareness and market share

  • View Bendon’s Success Story

    Thousands of companies—including many of the world’s biggest brands—are using Magento Enterprise Edition to grow their online businesses. Find out how it can help yours.


Designer Tracy Reese Re-launches on Magento Enterprise Edition


Tracy Reese’s designs have been worn by luminaries such as First Lady Michelle Obama, but Reese’s website wasn’t delivering the experience (or the sales) that she wanted.

So she turned to Magento Solution Partner One Rockwell, and they rebuilt using Magento Enterprise Edition.

The results?

  • A site that reflects Reese’s sensibilities
  • Improved definition of Reese’s brands (Tracy Reese and plenty)
  • Dramatically improved sales and conversion

  • View Tracy Reese's Success Story

    Thousands of companies—including many of the world’s biggest brands—are using Magento Enterprise Edition to grow their online businesses. Find out how it can help yours.


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