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Magento Partner Program Logos

We are pleased to show off the new Magento Partner Program Logos, which you will begin seeing on our Partners’ sites shortly. We are excited to be working with our partners, and continue to receive sign-ups from industry leaders.

With the release of the new Magento site, expected with the release of the Production version, we will begin showcasing Magento Partners as well. If you are interested in learning more about the Partner Program, more information is available in the Partner Program Overview.

One final note, the real logos will obviously not have the strikethroughs on them.

Magento Community Translations


A new tool was introduced in the community site today (available through the Community tab) in an effort to streamline and organize the community translations for Magento. This is the first phase of a comprehensive process to provide translations to Magento’s default interface. In time, this functionality will be extended to support all available interfaces on Magento Connect.

In the next few days, we’ll be working on additional functionality, including:

  • Utlizing the in-line translation tool working on the live interface to suggest a translation or an alternative. The moderator will select the most appropriate suggestion.
  • Support for multiple interfaces as available through Magento Connect. The underlying concept is to have as many interfaces as possible translated to multiple languages.
  • Tool to quickly find untranslated strings per locale.

At any time, you can download the latest translations at

Please note that a single moderator is assigned per locale. If you’d like to get involved or don’t see your locale listed, please get in touch with us.

The demo store has been updated with the latest version of the translations as we currently have.

Video: Magento Sales Module

The latest release of Magento (0.8.17240) features the full-blown sales module, complete with invoicing, shipments, and credit memos. In this video, we’ll show you how these features work and interact with the orders.  We review creating Invoices, Shipments, and Credit Memos, starting from a 4-product order:

  • Two of the products are initially invoiced
  • The same two products are shipped
  • The remaining two products are then invoiced
  • A credit memo is created for one of the invoiced products
  • The final product is shipped
  • A printable invoice (PDF) is navigated to and presented
  • A printable PDF packing slip (from shipments) is navigated to and presented
  • Finally, the “My Account” section in the front-end is shown.  Within the order record, the customer can see Invoices, Shipments and Credit Memos that pertain to this order.


Upgrading Magento to 0.8.17240 via PEAR

The PEAR packages upgrade for 0.8.17240 is now available for download via Magento’s Extensions Administrative interface or via SSH shell command line.

Please note that this version upgrade introduces a change that will require additional steps for successful upgrade from previous versions (this does not apply to clean PEAR installation), as explained below:

  • The PEAR installer upgrades packages by deleting files from previous release and creating files for new release
  • The new release packages do not contain files that usually will be modified by the user, such as “/index.php” and “/.htaccess”
  • These files will be supplied with different names, which are “/index.php.sample” and “/.htaccess.sample” for use as sample
  • That means that existing files will be deleted and not recreated
  • Therefore we suggest to back up these 2 files before the PEAR upgrade and restore them after the upgrade

This applies only to this specific upgrade, and will not be required for consequent upgrades.

NOTE: If you are using the index.php without modifying it and try to re-upload your files you will need to change the line Mage::run(’base’) to Mage::run(’default’) for the new version to work.

Magento 0.8.17240 Available for Download

We are happy to announce the availability for download of Magento Preview version 0.8.17240. This is one of our biggest releases to date and includes many new features and enhancements.

Magento's production feature set is mostly complete with a few minor adjustments expected later this month. A full list of Magento's features can be viewed here.

* Please note (important): PEAR packages are currently not available for this release. We will make them available in the next few days.

New Functionality and Major Highlights

  • Add simple products while editing super products
  • Create attributes during adding/editing product
  • Product images multiple upload and management tool
  • Placeholders, watermarks and dynamic image resizing with GD
  • New implementation of catalog category tree for increased performance
  • Improved attributes & attributes editing
  • Inline Translations
  • Packing slips & invoices PDF print-outs with control over logo and address
  • Catalog models and collections has been rewritten
  • New admin dashboard implementation
  • RSS alerts & notifications admin and customer
  • Product price and stock status alerts subscription
  • Improved price rules management
  • Price and tax displaying configuration
  • Localizable transactional emails
  • Full order comment history in admin
  • Added a number of reports, including sales report, newsletter subscribers export


  • International tax supprt
  • Added configuration of Gift Message on order level separately
  • Display top 100 search terms a cloud
  • Admin HTML and CSS cleanup
  • Changed Mage::registry("action") to Mage::app()->getFrontController()->getAction()
  • Added Product 'out of stock' status to category listing
  • Cleaned interface restrictions for dataflow
  • Added Mage::unregister method
  • Added SKU and selected options (for configurable products) in most places (sales orders, invoices, etc)
  • Added base currency amount in sales order on frontend
  • Moved price rules from store views to websites
  • Added configurable products to rule SKU chooser
  • Added customer account sharing configuration
  • Added default gateway url for USPS
  • Removed auto-redirection from https to http
  • Added exception logging with Mage::logException
  • Added grids export to MS Excel XML
  • Added image configuration field backend model
  • Added image helper to all product views
  • Implemented configuration fields cloning
  • Added inventory tab for mass-updating product attributes
  • Added no-render for front-controller for integration
  • Removed USA postcodes data from install
  • Added shipping tax class id
  • Organized system configuration tabs
  • Added shopping cart items counter configuration (number of units vs number of items)
  • Added showing price including tax on catalog
  • Replaced Mage::app()->getLocale()->date() by Mage::getModel('core/date')->gmtDate()
  • Added state drop down for estimate shipping for table rate and DHL
  • Removed extra closing table tag in admin html
  • Added store cookie and _GET request store parameter checking in app init
  • Added zend cache backends for apc and memcached by Mark_Kimsal
  • Salted passwords for customers

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed 404 Error page in Url Rewrite Management when changing view per page number
  • Fixed DHL request ampersand encoding
  • Removed validation for international postcodes
  • Fixed currency nowrap and added .nobr in admin and frontend
  • Fixed free shipping method
  • Fixed ignoring missing block types
  • Fixed ignoring non-existent block types in layouts
  • Fixed loading store info from db updates
  • Fixed newsletter subscribing
  • Fixed non-secure urls for regions uploader in shipping configuration
  • Fixed non-secure urls in admin blocks
  • Fixed onepage checkout registration mode
  • Fixed product duplication
  • Fixed product/category_ids saving/retrieving; entity_type should be retrieved from eav/config
  • Fixed stock availability and inventory tab for configurable and grouped products
  • Fixed texts for deleting website / store / store view
  • Fixed unsetting positioned child blocks
  • Fixed wrong spelling in the .htaccess for the CGI-Workaround
  • Fixed sitemap cronjobs scheduling

Known Issues

  • We will add title to tax rule to be able to identify it in the reports
  • Price ranges in layered navigation should be fixed in next releases
  • Admin is not able to unsubscribe customer from products alerts
  • Configuration fields that are not available in current scope will be displayed in disable state instead of hiding them
  • Google Chart API image on the admin dashboard gives warning for non-secure items in IE6
  • Order and comments history is going to be somewhat modified
  • There is a problem to checkout if store owner enabled fraud detection in online payment gateways with support for fraud settings
  • Configuration accordions state will be remembered in session in next release
  • We have limitation on imported date in current implementation of dataflow. Using 128MB: for customers the maximum is 406 items, for products the maximum is 12927 items from our tests
  • When adding new address in multiple shipping address checkout current address selection is lost
  • Price display options (incl. tax, etc) affect only catalog pages now
  • Configurable products stay in shopping carts even after they were deleted in admin

Sample Data

The sample data archive file is available in .zip (37 MB), .tar.gz (37 MB), and .tar.bz2 (35MB) formats to download (the files contain exactly the same content inside and are provided in different formats just for your convenience). Each archive contains a SQL script that should be applied on a clean database with your database management tool (phpMyAdmin or whatever you use), and ‘media’ folder with sample product images that you should copy to your Magento media folder. You should then run the regular installation process as for a complete package. Please make sure that you have exactly the same version of Magento that the sample data is provided for – 0.8.17240. Please also backup all your data and keep separately any custom changes on the files you did, because they may not be compatible with the sample data provided.

Magento Partner Program Webinar Video - Now Available

Over on the Magento Partner Blog, we posted a video of today’s Partner Program Webinar. A record attendance of over 200 companies from 25+ countries took part in the event.

If you’ve considered partnering with Magento, the webinar is the place to start.


200,000+ Magento Downloads!


Magento continues to roll with over 200,000 downloads as of this morning (in just over 6 months). This is an incredible milestone for a (beta) open source product and we are especially proud of the large (almost 10,000 person strong) community that has emerged. Thanks everyone for making Magento such a success!

Go Go Magento!!

Magento Partner Blog and Partner Webinar Reminder (Thur. March 6th, 9 AM PST)

We are pleased to announce that a new blog focused on Magento Partner network is now online at (RSS feed here). The blog will become the central hub of our communication with the Partner Network and discuss various topics such as success stories, product offerings, marketing opportunities, case studies, etc. Although some items will be cross-posted with our main Magento blog, the content will be partner tailored and specific to this demographic.


We’d also like to remind the community of our upcoming webinar: An Overview of Magento Partnership Program, scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 6th at 9 AM PST. Registration is required ahead of event.

Please note that a call-in number will be provided for the audio portion of the webinar.

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