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Joining the Magento Team as VP Global Services

I am joining Varien and the Magento team at an amazing stage; a great product is on the market that is receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Big players in the industry are showing genuine interest in the Magento platform and it appears that exciting days are ahead.

I'll spend a few moments of my first blog post providing a bit of background about myself and discussing where we are headed. I’ve been around the industry for more than a decade, held jobs as a developer, System Analyst, Sys Admin, Tech Support for deployment and integration, and during the last 5-6 years, I focused on building and managing services and support teams for start-up companies and organizations. I am joining Varien from Zend Technologies, the PHP Company, where I spent the last 3+ years building and managing Global Support and Services for the European market.

I am honored to take part in the Open Source industry for the past few years, and I am especially thrilled with the opportunity to be involved with Varien. As eCommerce will continue to make a greater impact on our every day life, Magento will be positioned to take a lead.

My responsibilities at Varien will be numerous. A few great initiatives include:

  • Creating a new enhanced Technical Support offering that will have a flavor suitable to both community members and Enterprise companies
  • A Magento Certified Developer Program
  • Extending the Magento Certified Partner Program
  • A robust professional services offering
  • Extending Magento Trainings
  • And more...

I am looking forward to the challenges, feedback and your cooperation - I am sure we are all going to enjoy the ride.

Yoram Elalouf
VP, Global Services

Nominate Magento for the 2008 Open Source Awards


Help us spread the word and get Magento nominated for the 2008 Open Source Awards (to be presented in OSCON). From the O’reilly Radar blog:

For the 4th year running, Google and O’Reilly will present a set of Open Source Awards at OSCON 2008. The awards recognize individual contributors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and collaboration in the development of Open Source Software. Past recipients for 2005-2007 include Doc Searls, Jeff Waugh, Gerv Markham, Julian Seward, David Heinemeier Hansson, Karl Fogel, David Recordon, and Paul Vixie.

The nomination process is open to the entire open source community, closing May 15th, 2008. Send your nominations to osawards AT oreilly DOT com. Nominations should include the name of the recipient, any associated project/org, suggested title for the award ("Best Hacker”, “Best Community Builder”, etc.), and a description of why you are nominating the individual. Google and O’Reilly employees cannot be nominated.

Magento PHPDocs Now Available

We are happy to announce that Magento PHPDocs are now available.

Magento PHPDocs can be found here:

Varien Lib PHPDocs are also available and can be found here:

We hope you find it useful.

Magento is on the Map


Today we are introducing a new feature in the Magento Community site that visually maps our users. Maps are provided per forum thread (sample), blog post (sample), and a master map of all current users browsing the site.

Magento Community members span the entire globe. We hope this feature brings everyone just a bit closer smile

Magento User Guide - Now Available


The Magento User Guide is here to help you through the process of setting up your store. The User Guide begins with an introduction to installing and configuring the basic settings for your store, and then walks through the steps to configure more advanced settings, setting up your payment modules, creating and editing categories and products and much more.

If you have a specific question on an element within Magento you can skip to the chapter within the User Guide using the table of contents. If you are just getting started it is best to go through the User Guide chapter by chapter to walk you through the process of configuring your store.

This User Guide is a Wiki, and as such, you should feel free to edit and add elements as you see fit.

In the next few weeks, the Magento User Guide will be available as a book in print and ebook formats.

Patch For Magento Release 1.0.19700

The latest Magento release included a bug that was found today.

The bug will cause products to be deleted completely from the system when a frontend customer adds items to compare products and then clears all selections.

This bug was found in the latest Magento release, Version 1.0.19700, and is not known to affect version 1.0.

It is high priority for all people using Magento 1.0.19700, or who have upgraded to Magento 1.0.19700, to install this Patch.

Installing the patch:

1. Download either the zip file: or the tar.gz file patch1_1.0.19700.tar.gz

2. Extract and upload the file CompareController.php or extract directly the archives to app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/controllers/Product/

Magento Meetup, Frankfurt - The Photos

Our first Community Meetup in Frankfurt, Germany was a smashing success! It was absolutely wonderful to meet the community and our partners face to face and take part in a lively discussion about Magento’s past and future.

A special thank to Rico (AKA Rizi) for the help in coordinating the event.





More photos on flickr (thanks Rico for sharing some photos)

Magento Partner On Tap Datahost Demoing Magento at Internet World in London


Magento Partner On Tap Datahost will be at Internet World April 29th-May 1st, taking place in London, and will be providing demonstrations of Magento.

If you are attending make sure to stop by Stand E107 to see On Tap Datahost and their Magento Demos.

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