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Magento Connect Tops 1,000 Magento Extensions


Magento Connect, the Magento extension marketplace has topped 1,000 extensions earlier this week. With over 150 contributors, including 85+ commercial vendors, Magento Connect continues to be the ultimate source for Magento Extensions.

Magento Connect 2.0, expected within the next few months, will provide more sophisticated functionality and a deeper feature set. Stay tuned!

Magento Connect: Live Chat Extension

A very exciting contribution to Magento Connect is the Live Chat extension by Fabrice Beck. View the embedded video to learn more about the extension or view this screencast.
Thanks Fabrice for your wonderful contribution!

Magento Connect: Gift Certificates / Virtual Cards Extension


A new extension is now available via Magento Connect providing Gift Certificates / Virtual Cards functionality (in beta). There is little documentation as to how the extension works, but screenshots are available to preview the functionality.

Get the extension key here.

Magento Connect: Simple Configurable Products Extension

In alpha, this extension changes the way that the pricing of configurable products works in Magento. With this extension enabled, a configurable product’s own price is never used. Instead, the price used is that of the appropriate associated child product.

This gives site owners direct control to set the price of every configuration of a product, while still giving users the flexibility they usually get with configurable products. (There’s no more having to set rules such as: +20% for blue, -£10 for small, +15% for leather. You just price the underlying small-blue-leather product at £199.99 and that’s what the user pays.)

More information on the extension page in Magento Connect

Magento Connect: 200+ Extensions, 100,000+ Extension Downloads


Magento Connect continues to gain momentum. Following last week’s announcement of the availability of 50+ payment extensions via Magento Connect, today we are happy to announce the availability of 200+ extensions in total. To date, over 100,000+ extension downloads have been registered. A few additional interesting stats:

We are thrilled to see the community take such an active role in extending Magento platform.

Blank Theme available through MagentoConnect


The 'Blank Theme' for Magento is available via MagentoConnect. With 'Blank Theme' the Magento team answers the call of numerous community members out there who's been inquiring about an extra light theme to use as a basis for theme customization. With this theme we've removed all the custom CSS formerly used in Default and Modern Theme, and replaced them with minor typography and positioning CSS assignments. References to the class names were left in the CSS files to provide a solid starting ground for designers/developers. Markups were also revisited and cleaned up in theme-level.

Download, customize, and enjoy the new ultra light Magento theme! (SECPay) Extension Available Via Magento Connect

image, a popular European payment gateway, is now integrated with Magento (get the extension key here). enables businesses to accept payments online. Large and small, established and start-ups, we have an online payment service to suit every type and size of’s Flexible Payment Gateways work with all UK banks, as well as European and US partners, enabling established merchants to accept payment from anywhere, anytime. is offering a promotion for Magento users. For additional details, visit

Updated iPhone Theme for Magento 1.1 is now available

Updated iPhone Theme for Magento 1.1.x is now available on Magento Connect and for upgrade through the Magento Connect Manager.

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