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Happy Halloween - from Magento

Photo courtesy of @MagentoTT

Happy Halloween from Magento

It was all quiet throughout the offices of Magento, not even a mouse was stirring... wait, wrong holiday.

Our first official Halloween party at Magento's New Headquarters in Culver City -- and it was all spooky, weird and fun. There was a good turn out of people dressed in costumes.

Keren, our CFO and Magento Wonder Woman, opened up the floor for the lip-synching competition. The first team from professional services (David, Steve, Andrew, and Aaron) performed "I'll Make Love to You" by Boys II Men, followed by Indian musical performed by the Finance department (Keren, Shonnet, Efi, Aleza, Shaundra) with Richard as the lead man wearing a karate uniform. Udi and the angels (Tess, Shanon, Natalya) did a great reenactment of Charlie and the Angels and the Support Team (Sheila, RJ, Anthony) were in full force too -- performing "Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We think the most memorable performance was the Development Team (Dima, Anton, Sergey, Lindy, Tanya) performing Barbie Girl! Move those hips Anton.

After the performances, we headed down to some gourmet pizza and pumpkin carving. Several carvers were very much into their pumpkins. Shanon seemed to be having the most fun digging deep in her pumpkin and cleaning out the soft flesh and the seeds. Sergey, one of our developers, carved a pumpkin with Magento's logo. Turned out great. On the showcase table, there was a pumpkin throwing up, an owl sitting on a window, a spider web, and a howling man, among others.

image image

Honorable Costume Mentions

  • Bob, our President as Jean-luc Picard of Star Trek. He'll of course prefers Riker.
  • Keren, CFO, as Magento Wonder Woman
  • Andrea, marketing, as French Maid
  • Jonathan, product manager, as an army officer from the movie Inglorious Bastards
  • Shelia, support, dressed as pirate
  • Anthony, support, dressed as Aladdin
image imageimage
image image image
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See photos of the event at Flickr.

We're also posting Youtube videos of the event! Check out this video, of the Indian Musical performed by Performed by our Finance team! Tune into our Youtube channel for more!

We all had a great time.

All of us at Magento, wish our Community, Partners, Merchants and Developers a very happy, SpOoKY and FUN Halloween weekend!

- Magento Team

Meet Magento #4.10 - Get your Tickets now!

Date: 04. – 05.11.2010
Location: Leipzig, Technologiezentrum GaraGe, Germany

Meet Magento is an E-Commerce Conference, which deals with all aspects of Magento. The latest technical developments, business models and trends will be presented. Target Groups of the Conference are merchants, developers, online agencies and decision makers of the e-commerce scene. Meet Magento is a unique opportunity to meet the leadership team of Magento personally.

A special highlight of the event will be the big after-show party after the first conference day - the perfect opportunity for interesting discussions and networking.


There are five good reasons why you shouldn’t miss the next Meet Magento!

  1. Contact to the Magento Team leadership
    The event offers the opportunity to meet the Magento Team personally and to speak about tips, tricks, experiences and best practices.
  2. Networking, Networking, Networking
    Make valuable new contacts and maintain the existing!
  3. Stay up to date
    High-profile keynote speakers will talk about the latest industry topics. Over 40 Magento E-commerce experts will provide lectures and discussions about current issues about Magento. Take a look at our program.
  4. After-show party
    The after-show party takes place on 04 November 20 clock in the Moritzbastei instead. Here you can finish the first day of the conference together with old and new contacts in a historic atmosphere.
  5. Facts & Figures
    • More than 450 participants
    • 40 speakers
    • 20 exhibitors
    • 2-day ticket including meals and after-show party only 100 €


A big thank you regards to our sponsors!


Magento is all about YOU

Attention Magento Developers, Partners and Merchants!!

Next month Magento is taking off to deliver Keynotes all across Europe, and this time the focus is on YOU! You and the Magento Ecosystem. We’d love to show you off and spotlight your Magento growth story!


What does this mean for you?

Please take the time to answer our very short survey. This is your chance to tell us about you, your organization and how Magento has had a positive impact on your business and your life. 

YES! We want to know!

We may be contacting you back, and asking for more details, a photo, video or additional information that you’d like to provide about YOU. Have some fun with us and share your story! Deadline is 11:59pm Tuesday, October 26, 2010.

Take the Magento Survey!

Sand & Source Code: Magento Developer Paradise, 2010

Last week we wrapped up the second Magento Developer Paradise, organized by NetResearch. The event was previously scheduled during peak “paradise season” during the summer, but volcanic interference caused it to be rescheduled.

Despite the low-season weather (and quite a bit of rain,) developers and tech-savvy Magento users gathered from far and wide to the tiny Spanish island of Mallorca in order to further their understanding of to build on top of Magento. The New Zealanders assured me it was well worth the trip.

I think the running theme of the conference was how to go beyond being a basic Magento developer and offer fine-tuned products and services to your customers.

Yoav, our CTO, kicked off the event with the keynote, highlighting the history & growth of Magento --and how more and more clients ask for Magento by name. People were literally cheering as Yoav detailed Magento 2; the next generation of Magento. He spoke about how Magento 2 will be rebuilt from the ground up to improve the architecture & add support cleanly for advanced features like NoSQL databases (yay!) We’re taking our time to get this right but expect more details in the near future.

A major focus at the conference was performance; from implementing Solr Cacheing to keeping themes lean and fit. There was also a lot of talk about extensions and Magento Connect, with new enhancement coming -- as well as developer tools to test extensions in Professional & Enterprise editions. Other topics varied from ‘PayPal’s Wallet in the Cloud’ to ‘thinking about Magento as a PHP framework’.

If you were following our official Twitter @magento hashtag #magedev, you would have seen lively comments. Participants shared cool tools for development as well as pics from our Jurassic park jeep journey. You may have even seen a snapshot or two of us checking out the local German watering holes.

Some of the more memorable tweets:

@MediaTekShop Small videos from Jeep Tour (2nd group) #magedev
@asteireif I really love this picture wink #magedev
@hallsten Life as a magento developer: #magedev
@quentinnel Excellent talk about optimising Magento by Phillipe Humeau - online speed test link for Magento - #magedev

I was truly inspired by the developers I met. We talked about your more interesting projects, how you use the various components of Magento, as well as the different ways you build your business around Magento. I’m excited to explore the ideas you think will help make Magento better. There was a lot of praise for our platform and a good amount of feedback. We definitely plan on implementing as many of them as we can!

If it is not already clear, we take our developers very seriously; customizing and extending Magento is why we build it & do all we can to help you create businesses around Magento. After all, you’re the ones deploying Magento sites and convincing clients to invest in our humble Open Source PHP product.

I can’t wait for the next developer conference and look forward to seeing and hearing about more cool projects you all are working on! P.S. I’d like to remind all developers about our new guest blogging series; contribute to community and get your name out there as well.

See below for a map of all the countries that attended. Hope to see you next year!

image ./BBK

Developer Paradise Kick-OFF

The excitement is building on the island of Mallorca in Spain!

Magento Developer's Paradise is happening from October 10th - 12th! During our kick off, and at last count, 120 developers have come from all over the world to learn and exchange ideas about Magento development, working with the Magento code base, creating extensions and learning sneak peaks into what the future holds.


We caught a few of them on twitter on their way in -- or already there! One tweeting from the plane! Check out the comments from twitter, some with links to pictures!

@expert_magento Mallorca H-1 #magedev
@rpresedo #magedev before to start, better enjoy the place .. #mallorca rocks !
@elrafman - packed my things, ready for mallorca #magedev
@anderstr Laptop + iPhone + toothbrush + socks. Ok, I'm good to go. #magedev
@migmartri At the hotel. #magedev
@rpresedo In Barcelona... One more little flight before arriving #magedev
@therouv just landed in Mallorca #magedev #fb
@alanstorm Twenty four hours of travel and then twelve hours of sleep. I must be in Mallorca. #magedev
@C3Web @magento We arrived in sunny Majorca at 7 a.m this morning - the weather is beautiful. Very much looking forward to the conference! #magedev

We're loving the tweets from all over the world, and you can follow the conversation on Twitter #MAGEDEV

We'll bring you more updates and photos as they come in. Feel free to

And have a great time!

Community Catchup!

Greetings Magentites!
What’s Going On?

We've started a couple of cool initiatives over the last couple of weeks and I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about them. First of all --You may have noticed our twitter accounts getting a little chattier these days : ) - That’s because we’re out there listening to you – so feel free to follow and say hello. We can’t respond to every mention but we love the conversation and enjoy seeing and hearing about your cool sites, implementations and awesome extensions! Follow us on twitter: @magento @magentoconnect @magentomobile @ask_magento.


We're breathing life back into @ask_magento, our community powered twitter Q&A! It's quite simple really, all you have to do is tweet your question to @ask_magento and we'll retweet it for you! This gives your question the attention of all our followers. In addition to this, we also have several people acting in an “answer squad” capacity and monitoring the account regularly. Because of the wide range of questions, it's important to have a wide range of Magento expertise in the audience, so if you haven't already done it -- follow @ask_magento and if you see a question that you know the answer to- feel free to jump in!

Guest Bloggers

This week, we’re so excited to have been able to introduce our first Guest Blogger – Guido Jansen. Guido shared some great information about Magento Performance and separating Myth from Reality. We love our guest bloggers because there are a wide range of Magento related experience and information out there that we would *love* shared with our community. The individual set ups, implementations, creations, and experiences that we all have, just can’t be put into an instructional manual. If you’d like to guest blog for us, please see our guidelines here:


Finally, you may have noticed over the past couple of days that some of our Community members are wearing new badges! We wanted to do this to give a shout-out and to recognize some of our largest community contributors. These folks are here almost every day, answering questions, offering solutions and keeping our community save from the evil spambots and SEO seeders. They include both members and moderators and Magento can’t thank you enough for your dedication and contributions.

That’s it for this week. Thanks to ALL our members who make this an awesome community. We couldn’t do this without you.

As always, my virtual door is always open, feel free to contact me anytime!

rhonda [at] magento [dot] com

Magento Performance: Myth vs. Reality

When looking into building an eCommerce site, or any web application for that matter, speed performance is paramount. Site performance is of great importance to conversion and user satisfaction (video) and Google now uses site speed as one of its ranking factors (article). I advise companies about eCommerce every day, and you can be sure that people will always ask about Magento's performance. The myth in the websphere boasts that Magento's speed performance is slow and needs improvement. This is untrue. As a user of Magento, I can attest that not only Magento's speed performs within expected benchmarks for today's internet needs, but that Magento's speed is continuously being improved with the release of every edition.

If you're a developer or consultant, you might find yourself talking to clients about Magento's performance. Let me show you how to educate your clients on Magento performance factors and to show them some benchmarks and examples of speedy Magento shops.

Origin of Magento performance myths

Older versions

The first pre-stable 1.0 beta versions were focused more on the product functionalities than speed . I'll repeat that. Pre-stable 1.0 beta versions. From 1.0 onwards, speed performance has become priority and shops running on stable version perform perfectly well and with every update - Magento gets more and more optimized for speed.

Implementations in unsuitable environments

It's quite easy for anyone to download Magento and install it on a (crowded, shared) hosting environment. Great for looking at Magento features, not so great when using it as an accurate measurement for performance. Magento can be a perfect solution for many small, medium and (very) large online businesses, BUT you really need to know what your doing. Putting Magento in a shared, unoptimized hosting environment is the equivalent of putting a jet engine in a school bus: it's not going to work (although there's always one exception).

Magento Optimization Area's

There are several factors that impact the speed of your Magento store. Some you can't influence (like the internet connection speed of the visitor) but most, that you can. Keep these in mind when talking to your client and suggest some of them when talking about the choice for hosting, templates or Magento configuration.

Hosting environment

  • If your client is serious about your online business, don't use shared hosting but get a proper dedicated server instead. I'd also highly recommend seeing a Magento specialized hosting company, they're worth the extra buck.
  • If selling international, analyse where most of your traffic comes from and host you server(s) in that country. Additionally, you can also use a global CDN to serve your static files.

Magento Template

Some quick tips:
  • Use a lightweight template as basis for your template, like the Blank SEO theme
  • Optimize all images: crop whitespace, use png8 or gif, scale images, use image compression and use CSS Sprites
  • Minify CSS, specify image dimensions and minimize javascript use

Magento settings

Magento has several settings that can improve performance. For starters:

  • Enable all caches
  • Combine Javascript and CSS files
  • Use the Flat Catalog (only when you have a very large catalog)
  • Use Magento Full Page Caching (Enterprise only)
  • Disable layered navigation if you don't really need it
  • Disable the Magento log


Maybe the most important one: always test the above tips if it actually works with your setup. Also use services as Google Page Speed extension, or Yahoo Yslow to look for bottlenecks and further improvement areas.

Need more detailed (technical) performance optimization tips about hosting, templates or Magento configuration to make your shop faster? Take a look at my blog post 101 ways to speed up Magento.

Speed records and shops


The Methods and Best Practices for High Performance eCommerce slideshow from Dmitriy Soroka shows some benchmarking of Magento installations with several performance enhancements to show what differences they make. There are some great graphs in there, the optimization with most gain is probably Full Page Caching on page 20. It shows that the homepage of a Magento shop with 80k products and 500 concurrent connections can still handle 400+ http request per second.



The research from Dmitriy also shows that Magento scales really well when using more core processors (slide 25) or using multiple web nodes slide 27 (front-end servers). As you can see in slide 28, a Magento checkout page from a store with 10k products and 100 concurrent connections can process 80,000+ orders per hour (22 per second).


Some Magento examples

Here are some real life examples of quick Magento shops:

I hope this helps you in your daily work with Magento. Let me know in the comments if you have any additional tips from your experience with clients.

Have any ideas of your own? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment or join the Magento performance and optimization group.

PS: With thanks to Yoav Kutner for the Schoolbus Video wink


Guido Jansen, our guest blogger, is a cognitive ergonomist from The Netherlands. He helps companies build their online business through conversion optimization, usability testing and his knowledge of the Magento platform.

  • image
  • image
  • image


The only developer conference dedicated to the integration of payment options and empowering developers

Earlier this month, we announced Magento Mobile and the integration of PayPal Mobile Embedded Payments product. This is just one example of the new products and tools you’ll learn about at PayPal X Innovate 2010 Developer Conference.

Magento is a Gold Sponsor of the Conference – come see us in our booth and attend our breakout sessions:

Building Innovative e-Commerce and m-Commerce Solutions with Magento
Tuesday (10/26), 2:00pm – 2:45pm
Room 2020

Best Practices Checkout with PayPal and Magento
Tuesday (10/26), 4:00pm – 4:45pm
Room 2014/2016

PayPal X Innovate 2010 will provide developers with practical advice on how to integrate payments into the solutions you’re working on. Here are some highlights of the event:

  • Join the conversation about the trends that are transforming the way people and businesses conduct commerce – including mobile and location-based payments .
  • Participate in more than 50 hands-on, developer-led sessions – so you can hear directly how other developers have made PayPal work for them.
  • See live demos and inspiring new ideas from 60+ exhibits.
  • Hear Andreessen and O’Reilly – along with a few surprise guests – talk about innovation and the future of money.
  • Be part of the live broadcast of a Diggnation episode.

This is a great chance to talk directly with PayPal engineers, swap ideas with other developers, and have fun.

Our Magento community gets $100 off the $249 registration price by using the code MAGENTO. Plus, there are some great deals on hotel rooms in SF on the registration site – including 2 nights for $150. The offer expires on 10.10.10 – so register today at

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