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Magento Meetup in Atlanta - September 6th, 2011


Join Atlanta-area Magento Commerce users, developers, designers and fans on September 6th, 2011 at 7:00 PM to discuss what we have done with Magento Commerce. Magento Meetup Atlanta links Magento folks for the sharing of eCommerce ideas and industry topics. It’s the local hot spot to organize, plan and collaborate on Magento projects.

This meeting will be kindly hosted by Fowara at their headquarters in Atlanta at 8975 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30350. Meetup starts at 7 pm.

If you would like to share your Magento site and what you have done with it please contact with your website details and what you would like to share. The idea of this meetup is getting to know each other.

Don’t miss your chance to connect, network with and learn from other community Members in the Atlanta area. Space is limited to 50. Learn more:

Magento Connect Update - Over 4500 Extensions and Growing!


4500 Extensions and Growing

Magento Connect has long been a successful key to the growth of the Magento Ecosystem. This is in no small part due to the creative developers and community members behind it. We are constantly seeing surprising growth in the size and the quality of the Magento Connect Marketplace.

Over the weekend, our gallery has grown to 4566 live extensions—check out the recently added extensions here. We’re very excited to see this growth and want nothing more than to see our community thrive. Thanks to all our developers for making our Magento Marketplace shine!

As we grow, we continually try to help our developers with tips and other information to make creating and getting your extensions approved faster—see our Magento Connect FAQ. Please keep it bookmarked, and stay up to date.

As always, if you have any questions, you know

Happy Developing!

Tips on Marketing Your Extension - Creative Marketing

Greetings Magento Community,

We’re often asked for advice by Magento developers on how they can better market their extensions on Magento Connect. One piece of advice I like to give is that they need to get creative to standout. We’ve seen great examples of our community being visually creative - see our Imagine Challenge. More recently, I stumbled across the following YouTube video.

Thanks to MageWorx—this video made me smile and reminds me how truly creative ya’ll can be.

Have something you’d like to share with us? and let us know. We look forward to seeing more of this. smile

Happy Marketing!

Rico on Magento Answers


Hey, it’s my first week as a heavily contributing member and moderator for Magento Answers and I am very happy to join such a great project. So what’s going on now? Loads of questions! It’s nice to see the participation in our community with Magento Answers—which helps people to easily get their business started with Magento. Right now on Answers, we have over 500 discussions with over 6000 community members checking in, researching and discussing Magento Answers. That’s awesome!

We have a good stream of interesting questions too for example: What is the best way to update a Theme for a newer Version of Magento is a very good question and I’m interested to hear what you think could be the best way to do that?

Just a fast reminder: Please folks - don’t forget to topic your questions as it helps everybody to find and follow questions of interest. Make sure the topics are detailed enough to get good and valuable answers from all experts in that topic field.

For the last few days, I’ve been reading and answering really tight questions, which has forced me also to take a close look into front-end, back-end and also hundred and thousand lines of Magento code. We all learn from Magento Answers. I really appreciate the help of our community and love the success of Magento Answers!

See you @ Answers grin—Rico

GraduationSource’s Weekend Warrior Adventure

While in Phoenix implementing a new CRM software, the team at GraduationSource decided to go on another weekend warrior adventure—and rented an 85’ (foot) houseboat for the weekend and took us along for the ride! They actually deployed a Wifi hotspot and were able to work on the lake.


Many thanks to Kristtoff Albanese and the team at GraduationSource for this awesome photo. We love to see your passion for Magento!

Do you have a photo showing your Magento Passion? . We’d love to see it. smile

Welcome Rico Neitzel to the Magento Answers Community



Greetings Magento Community,

Magento Answers is shaping up to be a powerful tool which is not surprising considering the awesome community we have behind it. We currently receive a pretty steady flow of questions and receive Answers from moderators, community members, and Magento staff. We've even extended Magento Answers networking through both Twitter and Facebook to share information with our local networks. Considering the amount of activity, it only seemed right to ask one of our most trusted community members to help manage, answer and shape the direction of our new Answers tool.

I'd like to formally introduce you to Rico Neitzel. Rico has long been a part of the Magento Ecosystem. He's a Magento evangelist and Community Manager from Germany. Rico helped to build the strong success within our German Community. Together with Netresearch, they began the first Magento Event ever "Meet Magento". He is also responsible for the German Locale package with big support from Daniel Sasse. Additionally, Rico is one of our international trainers for Magento U-which offers training courses to help you build and grow your business with Magento.

I'm very excited to have Rico join us on Magento Answers. With his vast Magento knowledge and experience - he will be a huge asset to our Answers community.

Please join me in welcoming Rico and look for him on Magento Answers -- now with an official Magento Team Badge!

PayPal Hosts iOSDevCamp 2011

iOSDevCamp 2011

Last weekend the folks at PayPalx invited me to iOSDevCamp and what an amazing experience it was. If you aren't aware, PayPal hosts this annual event where developers gather together and spend three days developing applications for iOS and competing for awesome prizes.

Photo by Adam Tow

I was amazed watching these developers. Some came in groups, and some never met before camp. Still, they created these great apps in less than three days in some cases. You could see them coding into the wee hours and on occasion, sleeping in the lobby back at the hotel. That's commitment!

There were many very interesting and creative applications created, but one of my absolute favorites was the BeeLine Reader which is a new technology designed to help people read faster by applying a color gradient to the text to reduce line transition errors. Never lose your place again! No electronic reading device should be without this. Check out all the demos here.

Would you like to learn more about iOSDevCamp? Check out their website, and check out the conversation on twitter. There's also a great stream of images you can find on the X.Commerce Flickr stream.

One of the best parts about being invited to iOSDevCamp was being able to connect some of the great folks who work within the PayPal and X.Commerce community. Many thanks to Perinne Crampton, Sudha Jamthe, Praveen Alavilli, and Myrna Rivera for making me feel so welcome.

Where's Rhonda? See if you can find me, check out the picture above. You'll find me sporting my black Magento Staff hoodie!

Searching for Questions and Magento Answers - Update


We’ve Improved our Search

Search is one of the most useful functions on the Magento Answers site so we’ve made some improvements and we’ve made the search results more relevant. Begin by simply typing in either keywords, topics or a question into the Answers search bar. As you type, the search generates a list of items related to those words. It’s never been easier to see whether or not your question is being already being discussed.


So think of that burning questions you’ve been dying to get answered and check out Magento Answers. We’ve got awesome folks answering really challenging questions everyday! If you don’t believe us, check out some of the answers from our most valued (and voted up) sources: Magento ECG, Osyris, and Thebod

Happy Searching!

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