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While the Magento 2 development teams have been busy churning away on the Magento 2 project; the developer community has been complimenting their work with great suggestions and contributions on Magento 2’s GitHub repository.

The latest code changes were published yesterday on GitHub. A few of the key updates to the commit were:

  • Continuing refactoring Magento 2 to use jQuery instead of Prototype.
  • Added JavaScript static tests and improved JavaScript unit tests to be consistent with the other test frameworks in Magento.
  • Implemented fixture of 100k orders for the performance test.

Having said that, we would like to take this opportunity and acknowledge two recent contributions.

Contribution #49


Contributing Developer:

Ivan Chepurnyi
Follow Ivan on Twitter @IvanChepurnyi

Ivan proposed a fix for the order of totals collectors (an issue with the sorting algorithm). This contribution was valuable, as it fixed a rarely-occurring bug that developers were required to correct, when developing their own totals collector.

This fix brought to light a few issues:

  • A bug previously not visible to the Magento’s internal development team and QA.
  • The reproductive elements of the bug.

Identifying this bug, and solution, provided our team with an understanding of the issue. Ivan went a step further and provided an actual code patch, and beforehand, had implemented proper testing.

Contribution #41 (based on Contribution #7)


Contributing Developers:

Matthias Zeis
Follow Matthias on Twitter @mzeis

Vinai Kopp
Follow Vinai on Twitter @VinaiKopp

Matthias’ initial proposal suggested the ability to define the different Magento configurations for different environments in the local.xml file. This valuable contribution improved the convenience of Magento instance management for system administrators and developers (less time needed, less mistakes made).

Positive effects of this contribution include:

  • It revealed the need by community for these types of configuration, not previously visible to internal Magento developers.
  • It began a discussion among community members about refining and submitting eventual code.

Thanks to all contributors who have made time for sharing their great suggestions, listing bugs and submitting code to help us improve the Magento 2 core product for all Magento users. We appreciate your time and look forward to more great discussions and contributions.

See you on GitHub.

Developers Paradise Returns to Ibiza


From September 24 to 27, Netresearch is bringing Developers Paradise back to the beautiful Balearic Island of Ibiza, Spain. Now in its third year, the conference attracts more than 100 International developers from all over the world for three jam-packed, all-inclusive days of fun in the sun!

Speakers, Sessions & Sun

Developers Paradise is committed to the strength of open source and the Magento community, and offers attendees the chance to hear from expert speakers and participate in hack-sessions, workshops and a BarCamp. Outside of the informative sessions, attendees will enjoy networking excursions and activities in the beautiful scenery of Ibiza. This special environment makes it possible to enhance your skills while relaxing away from the office!

Here’s your chance to team up with other developers to exchange ideas and get a head start on leveraging Magento for your success. If you are unable to make the trip to Ibiza, be sure to follow the website for all of the post-conference videos.

Developers Paradise is brought to you by Netresearch and sponsored by great partners.

MageConf III: 2012


For the third year in a row, the Magento Development Team and the best of PHP and Magento developers from Russia, Ukraine, and other countries of CIS will be taking their pilgrimage on September 15, 2012 to MageConf in Kiev, Ukraine. This year, Magento developers will present the latest developments of the Magento platform and X.Commerce fabric and address the non-trivial solutions of practical problems faced by most developers. Attendees will be introduced to Magento innovations and trends of the eCommerce market. Free workshops will cover such topics as, using multi-thread with Magento and MySQL materialized views among others.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and attend the Magento certification preparation workshop to receive a 50% Off voucher.

As always, admission is FREE.

For more information visit:

Follow MageConf on Twitter.

Visit our Events page to stay informed about Magento events near you.

Get Ready for the Magento European Tour!


As the Magento ecosystem is still on cloud nine from all the fun at Imagine 2012 in Las Vegas, the community in Europe is gearing up for some major Magento excitement with three upcoming events! Our excellent EMEA team will be attending each event, so be sure to meet them and ask any of your pressing Magento questions.


Meet Magento Germany

2012 will mark the 6th Meet Magento Germany and every year this two day conference gets better. The event is sold out to over 500 Magento developers, enthusiasts, partners and professionals but you can still get a ticket to the legendary After Party at Moritzbaste. Be sure to watch all the Magento passion LIVE from Germany at

Bargento France

Now on its 7th event, Bargento is the event to attend in France for anyone in the Magento community and will draw over 1,000 attendees. New this year, Bargento will feature free reviews from “Website Doctors,” the meeting of CUMEF, the Magento Enterprise France Users Group, and an After Party!

Meet Magento Netherlands

The Netherlands will mark the conclusion of the European Magento Tour. The fourth Meet Magento conference in The Netherlands is taking place on May 29-30, 2012, organized by the Dutch Magento community and has become the most important event for all Dutch users of the Magento platform.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter for all the updates and photos!

Meet Magento Germany: @meetmagento and #mm12de

Bargento France: @bargento and #bargento

Meet Magento Netherlands: @mm12nl and #mm12nl

Developers Create 6 Magento Extensions in Two-Day Hackathon

30 Developers, 6 Extensions, 2 Days, 1 eCommerce Platform

Last week 30 Magento employees, developers and partners gathered for a two-day hackathon in Munich, Germany. Like many of our community members, these attendees were eager further their Magento knowledge as well as show off their skills. This hackathon enabled them to do both, combing expert lectures with a team-based competition to create a Magento extension.

Attendees were divided into 6 teams and given 2 days to build their extensions. The teams coded deep into the night, and produced some impressive results.

image image

6 Extensions

GridControl – provides functionality to control grids in Magento using XML layouts.

Discount For a Tweet – Enables merchants to reward their customers with discounts for tweeting about their stores.

TemplateCleanup – This administrative tool helps merchants easily search for and remove unused templates inside their Magento administrative control panels.

Magento-Responsive-Theme - This innovative theme automatically adjusts the store’s layout based on the screen resolution of the customer’s device.

Logger – This centralized logging tool combines various log inputs from e-mail, XAMPP, and Graylog.

MongoDB-OrderTransactions – This extension writes transaction data to a MongoDB database during the checkout process.

Congratulations to Damian Luszczymak who organized and hosted the event. Congratulations also to all teams and participants for the hard work and fantastic results. Their efforts show that with the skills and passion of Magento developers combined with the flexibility of Magento, anything is possible.

Go Go Magento!

Magento Preview Version CE - Now Available!

We are excited to announce the release of Magento Community Preview Version CE

Before you begin downloading this preview version of our latest Community software from our download page or via SVN, we need to stress that it’s likely unstable and that we DON’T recommend that you use it in any production environment just yet. (For more info about preview releases and the Community edition release process click here.)

Highlights of improvements and new features include:

  • Different base prices for customer groups
  • Automatic generation of multiple coupon codes for a single promotion
  • Backup and Rollback functionality
  • CAPTCHA functionality to reduce spam registrations
  • First version of REST APIs with support for:

    • -Creation, retrieval, update and deletion operations for simple products
    • -Retrieval of a list of orders as well as specific order information
    • -Update and retrieval operations for catalog inventory
    • -Creation, retrieval, update and deletion operations with complete customer information and customer address information
    • -More information on the REST APIs will be published soon
  • Updates and enhancements to the existing SOAP and XML-RPC APIs with introduction of new API calls
  • VAT ID validation for B2B sales in Europe
  • New price range layered navigation algorithm
  • HTML5 based theme for mobile devices

And that’s just the beginning. Check out our full list of features and fixed issues on our release notes page. Or take the software for a test drive and see how it works first hand. Diff files are available here. If you find any issues, be sure to report them in the bugtracker.


A Community That Runs Together, Stays Together


Community “Love”

It’s become an unofficial tradition for Magento Community members to go for a run during any event they’re gathered at.  So for Imagine, the Community is organizing a group to run together in an official race on Saturday, April 21st! The Labor of Love race is being held by Calico Racing in Lovell Canyon, Las Vegas NV. Depending on your running level, you are invited to participate in either the 1/2 marathon or the 10k.

For more details on the race itself, including pricing and a map of the route, check out the official race website. Please make sure you register for the race on that website before the event. If you want to know which Community members are already planning to run, you can check out the unofficial Magento Meetup page or see who’s tracking their training through DailyMile.

Show Your Magento Spirit

Whether you’re participating in the run, or just cheering from the sidelines, pre-order your t-shirt featuring the race in true Magento style, and show you’re part of the Magento crowd!  Pre-order yours online at Wagento Creative by April 7th. The shirts will be available to pick up at the M Resort on Friday, April 20th (exact time and location to be announced). These shirts will not be available for purchase at the actual race!

See you at the finish line!

MageConf 2011 Rocks Kiev


Picture this: 500 PHP developers coming together in Kiev, Ukraine, buzzing about the latest development opportunities in the world of Magento.

That’s a snapshot of MageConf 2011, a developer event sponsored and led by Magento. Developers from throughout Ukraine – as well as from Russia, Belarus, Germany and Poland – gathered in Kiev this past Saturday, December 3, for the third annual MageConf. While the event was well attended by Magento developers, much of the audience consisted of PHP developers interested in learning more about Magento.

The attendees were treated to a variety of insightful presentations, including a standing-room-only keynote speech on Magento 2. As always, Magento swag was in huge demand (the line for Magento T-shirts seemed endless). And a Magento recruiter received hundreds of applications from developers interested in joining our industry-leading technology team.

All in all, another record-setting Magento event!

Visit our Events page to stay informed about Magento events near you.


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