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How hard do we work on Magento? Here’s a recent picture of Alex taken at 8:45 AM after an all-nighter and an eventual collapse. If you look closely, you can spot the new community site that will launch with the 1.0 production release.

Photo taken via cell phone

Behind the Scenes - Magento’s QA (Quality Assurance) Process

The following post is an inside peek into Magento’s QA process as written by Joanna S., Magento’s QA Manager.


Testing an e-commerce application (such as Magento) is not a trivial task and requires careful consideration - everything the user could do must be anticipated, as well as the effect their actions could have upon the system. Every link must be checked, every form must be filled out and submitted, every page must be visited, every transaction must be carried out, etc.

Therefore it is vital that a thorough test plan, including testing scenarios and testcases be conceived before actual testing can be performed. Test cases are developed and managed with TestLink, an open source test management and execution system.

The above mentioned test plan needs to be based on and incorporated into the development schedule in order to assure that all new functionalities are tested as soon as they have been implemented, leaving enough time to report and fix any possible issues.

Testing Scope

Apart from system functionality, the following website quality aspects also need to be considered during the testing process:

  • Essential analysis - navigation, information structure, broken links, content errors, etc.
  • Usability analysis
  • Accessibility problems
  • Code quality - markup errors, broken scripts, code structure, etc.
  • Cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Layout issues
  • Performance

Testing Procedure

We all want Magento to be as bug-free as possible, therefore the testing procedure we employ needs to be both extensive and comprehensive ensuring the highest quality solutions possible are delivered. Our quality procedures are built into the development life cycle and therefore ensure reliability at each stage of development.

Magento internal testing is performed by a team of experienced QA testers, who report any possible bugs, missing features or possible improvements found using Mantis bug tracking system. A detailed and thorough report on any issue is provided, including problem description, replication steps, screenshots, bug severity and priority, as well as suggestions for possible solutions. Each issue is assigned to a proper developer designated for the project, according to their scope of responsibility.

Developers resolve bugs assigned to them based on the schedule and priority specified. Bugs related to upcoming release are treated as top-priority. When a bug/issue is resolved, its status changes and it’s immediately being checked by a QA person who either closes it or re-opens when the problem still occurs.

Feedback from Magento community is a great benefit for the whole QA process. Community members also have the possibility to report any bugs found, which are then reviewed, verified and assigned to a proper developer to fix. Posts on the forum are a great help too, as community memebers often come up with ideas for further improvements.

Testing New Releases

Testing new releases is based on the list of functionalities scoped for an upcoming release. First, a feature is compared against its specification and any inconsistencies identified are carefully examined. Not only are separate features carefully tested, but also their interrelation and the way they might affect other system functionalities. The process also includes regression tests done on all related areas in order to assure that both the existing and new functionalities work as expected. System testing is the final step performed on a complete, integrated release to evaluate the application’s compliance with its specified requirements.

Magento selected to present in Twiistup 3


Magento has been selected to present in Twiistup 3. The event takes place in Los Angeles, CA on January 16th, 2008.

Twiistup showcases some of the best and brightest tech talent in Southern California. Twiistup’s goal is to allow start-ups to showcase their ideas and create a friendly atmosphere where guests can network with fellow innovators, investors, job seekers, and established industry leaders. We believe that one of the most important ingredients in a successful business venture is generating energy and excitement from those that can help move an idea along - and Twiistup is a catalyst for making that happen.

If you are in the southern California area and would like to meet us in person, this is the place! We’ll be there in full force with a bunch of schwag to give out.

Hope to see you there!

Magento Featured in T3N Magazine (Germany)


Magento is featured in the latest issue of T3N magazine from Germany. In addition to an overview of the product, a two-page interview with Yoav (CTO) and Roy (CEO) is presented.

The T3N magazine is the world’s first print magazine on the subject of Open Source, web development and TYPO3.  It focuses on current industry issues in addition to web development and the Open-Source Content management system TYPO3, as well as interesting projects from the open-source environment.

Get the latest issue here. Thanks to Marcel (AKA 73inches) and Rico (AKA Rizi) from the Magento German Community for all the help!

Magento - 100 Days Later

Magento 100 Days Later

70,000 downloads, 4600+ Members, 10,000+ Forum Posts, 15 Blog Languages, 15+ Translations, 7 Releases  

Hard to believe, but December 9th will mark 100 days since the release of the Magento preview version and community site.

And as the numbers indicate, Magento could not have come a day sooner. The Magento preview version, which first piqued the interest of developers, designers and store owners when it was announced in April 2007, was an instant hit.

An active community, now 4,600+ members-strong, formed around Magento with a blistering pace. Eager to learn Magento, they installed the preview release, read the blogs, searched the knowledge base, viewed the screencasts and engaged each other and the Magento team in the forums.

And while the world gets acquainted with Magento, Varien continues to build upon its vision and improve upon the pains of current open source eCommerce experiences. From last month's preview release of Magento DataFlow, which will simplify the process for data importing and exporting, to the architecture behind Interface Extensions, which will make design updates a breeze, Magento has been developed from the ground up to be your next eCommerce platform.

Within the next 100 days:

  • A Magento release candidate and production 1.0 version will launch
  • New community features will be introduced
  • An extensive partner network will be announced
  • Magento Connect (A marketplace for the exchange of Magento products, extensions and services) will be getting off the ground

We are incredibly excited about the upcoming releases of Magento and expect 2008 to be a great year for eCommerce. Varien is committed to Magento for the long term, both in the US and abroad, and we will be going on a European and US tour next year to meet with Magento store owners, developers, designers and partners.

The community feedback has been great, and community support will play a large role in helping us produce the best open source eCommerce product on the market, so keep spreading the word about Magento to your friends, colleagues, partners, clients and anyone else interested in Open Source eCommerce Evolved.

Magento 0.6.14100 Available for Download

We are pleased to announce the availability for download of Magento Preview version 0.6.14100. The major highlights of the release include the Admin order creation preview, stock management functionality, and preview of 'gift messages' capability.

Major Highlights

  • Admin order creation (preview)
  • Added stock management functionality
  • Added search terms and auto-generated sitemap for SEO
  • Added 'Email product to a friend' functionality
  • Added gift messages functionality (preview)


  • Changed shopping cart notifications logic
  • Added setting umask(0)
  • Added validation of requested autoload class
  • Added escaping html in customer form fields
  • Created curl http file download convert adapter
  • Added extra validation to product rewrites generation


  • Fixed store filter problem in admin customer wishlist
  • Fixed https installation check
  • Fixed wrong successful message after customer registration
  • Fixed few database foreign keys problems
  • Fixed bugs with product view, edit, add to cart
  • Fixed super product options problem when adding it to the shopping cart
  • Fixed few minor payment methods problems
  • Minor Varien_Form_Html_Element fixes
  • Few minor collections issues fixed
  • Fixed price displaying in single-page and multiple addresses checkout

Known Issues

  • Inability to add gift messages per item when creating an order in admin
  • If the simple products are not visible on the frontend they cannot be added to an order when it is created from the admin
  • There's no form fields validation when creating an order in admin
  • Full credit card number is displayed in order confirmation email

10,000 Forum Posts Milestone


The Magento Community continues to grow, with 10,000 forum posts since launch of the Magento preview version, on August 31, 2007.

We’d like to thank the wonderful community for the participation. There are many more exciting things coming up and milestone to achieve smile Go Go Magento!!!

Features: Admin Order Management Preview

There are a few new features in the next preview release of Magento (expected later this week), and we are especially excited about the Order Management functionality in the Magento Backend.

In short, this allows orders to be made from the backend, both for existing customers and for new customers. In future releases the Order Management functionality will be extended to a full-fledged Order Management tool with more advanced functionality, but let's take a look at how the Create Order feature works now.

Order Management Highlights

  1. Currency can be selected per order.
  2. The customers shopping cart is visible in the create order screen. The admin can move items from the shopping cart to the order (and vice versa).
  3. The customers wish list is visible in the create order screen as well. The admin can move items from the wish list to the order (and vice versa).
  4. The items in the customers compare box are visible. The admin can move items from the compare box to the order.
  5. Products can be searched/filtered and added to the order.
  6. Customer can be assigned to a different customer group (if needed).
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