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Magento Connect: CyberSource Payment Integration Extension


CyberSource Payment Integration Extension is now available through Magento Connect.

First Magento Training Class - Sold Out, New Dates Announced

Magento Training by php|architect

Magento’s first developer focused training class, Developing with Magento, is now completely sold out. The next class will take place on May 6 and run until May 29. These classes are timed to start at 6PM Eastern Daylight Time, perfect for after-work attendance in North America and daytime attendance in the Asia-Pacific region.

To learn more about Magento’s training program, visit our training page.

“I am in awe of this exceptionally outstanding product”

Outstanding work! That basically sums it up. Having worked with eCommerce for more than 10 years and having been the head of Northern Europe’s largest eCommerce solution provider, I am in awe of this exceptionally outstanding product. It boggles my mind how fast you guys have actually been able to create such a current (and beyond!) piece of software and even keep it in a design category - both frontend and backend - that blows the competition away.

From where I’m sitting I wondering right now if this is not going to be the benchmark for what is to come. I think it is.

Well done. I know this is hard work - a pride thing as well. But let me tell you that it was worth it. Bravo!

Soren Grau, Fantastic Company

Magento Connect: Tweakmag Shipping Extension


Tweakmag Shipping Extension is now available to download from Magento Connect. The module was contributed by Ajazza (community pro member).

Enhanced shipping methods to allow more flexibility and alternative methods.

Tweakmag Shipping (TMS) provides enhancements to the existing shipping methods provided by core.

For this initial release I have added Australia Post as a shipping method. This will automatically calculate shipping costs based on origin postcode and where the order is to be delivered too. It will also estimate the time that it should take for delivery.

You can also control the minimum and maximum order values that must be met for the shipping method to be available.

Upcoming Events


Date: May 20-22, 2008
Location: Sydney, Australia
Session: Filling in the Open Source Shopping Cart Vacuum

After years of e-Commerce system experience and design, 2007 has seen Magento e-Commerce, a state-of-the-art, Open Source e-Commerce platform released by Varien. Since initial release it has been downloaded over 200,000 times, and still counting! Roy will speak on the strategy that positioned Varien as one of the most promising Internet companies…


Date: June 9-12, 2008
Location: Chicago, IL
Booth: #643

The Internet Retailer 2008 Conference & Exhibition is not only the world’s largest e-retailing conference, it is one of America’s fastest growing conferences ... Because of its size and scope the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition brings together representatives of hundreds of retail, catalog, manufacturing and consumer service companies that specialize in e-retailing. Virtually all of the Top 500 e-retailers attend as well as hundreds of smaller players that fall outside this prestigious group.

Magento Wikipedia Page Resurrected


Magento Community member, Kadima, has tipped us of the resurrection of Magento’s Wikipedia page. If you are interested in taking part, the page can be found at

Magento / Drupal Integration Project


As part of Google Summer of Code ‘08, a Magento / Drupal integration project is getting off the ground. A detailed proposal has been posted on the Groups.Drupal site, and the abstract is included below:

Magento has just released production ready version 1.0 and has comprehensive support ecosystem for its users. Current existing ecommerce modules for Drupal either do not have production ready release or do not support Drupal 6. Hence, integration between Drupal and Magento will be the powerful combination and will drive embracing of Drupal 6 even more.

This project aims to tightly integrate Magento into Drupal by coming up with a Magento module and a few essential native Magento blocks. The integration is elaborate upto the level of rendering Magento as a Drupal page.

There has been a lot of interest by the Magento and Drupal communities for such an integration to take place. This is certainly going to be picking up a lot of steam in the weeks ahead.

“I will start switching all my customers and my sites to Magento thanks to this wonderful product”

I just wanted to give you guys some feedback on how amazing your product is. I’ve been a Zen Cart/OS Commerce developer for 5 years and have worked in e-commerce my entire career. I’ve downloaded Magento and gave it a test run and I cannot say how impressed I am with it. From an SEO standpoint it’s amazing. From a usability standpoint it’s fantastic. Navigation is great, looks are great. I will start switching all my customers and my sites to Magento thanks to this wonderful product.

I want to say thank you to the Magento team for delivering such a wonderful and detail-precise product for free.

Jay M., E-Commerce Developer

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