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Magento in Multiple Languages - Translations Getting Started


After receiving great feedback from the German and Polish communities, we are excited to proceed and open the translation process to the rest of the world.

Here's how it works:

  • Under each international forum, you will find a sticky thread (titled "Official Magento Translation" ...) with a zip file attached. The file contains a directory structure and a number of csv files. The directory structure and csv files must stay as is (in terms of structure and naming).
  • Each CSV file has two columns. The right column is intended to be overwritten with the translations. The left column serves as a reference and should not be overwritten - this is very important.
  • We decided that only <a> and <br / > tags are to be used in the original text (i.e. the first column). All other HTML tags (e.g. <strong>) should be added to the translated text (i.e. second column) where appropriate.
  • If you do not see your language in the international forums or your locale, please contact us and we will add it.
  • Given the amount of work per language, we strongly suggest for the community to interact through the forum and split up the work. Hopefully this will lead to a faster and more thorough process.
  • Please let us know once the translation is complete and we will incorporate it in future releases.

Questions? Let us know in the comments or contact us.

Magento Blog Now Available in French, Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese


We are proud to announce that the Magento Blog is now available in 9 languages, with more to come. Today we have added French, Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese blogs to the Magento site. The blogs will feature translations of the posts in the English blog, as well as unique content geared to their respective audiences.

If you are interested in taking part in Magento's global localization effort, please contact us.


French Blog - (RSS Feed:
Traditional Chinese Blog - (RSS Feed:
Vietnamese Blog - (RSS Feed:

Join the Magento Facebook Group

The Magento Facebook group is up and running. We'd love for you to join us.

Thanks Jan (AKA for getting the group started.

Community Site Update: September 21, 2007

This week was a busy one as we continued pushing updates to the community site. A few of the highlights include:

Site Search

We've implemented Google Custom Business Search and developed functionality to view results by module (Forum, Knowledge Base, Wiki, Blog, Features). You can take advantage of all of Google's search operators (AND, OR, +, -, "", etc.) to find exactly what you are looking for ... and for the best part, spelling correction is supported.

Bug (Issue) Tracking System

A new issue tracking system is now live. Search, view, and report new issues as you encounter them. The system is integrated in real time with our internal software so our development teams can have immediate access.

International Magento Blogs

We've expanded our international blog lineup and now feature: German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Ukranian blogs. Stay tuned for further announcements next week of additional international blogs.


The Magento forum continues to thrive with over 3,700 message thus far. The participation by the community has been truly inspiring. This week we completed the implementation of the new layout and added the much requested functionality of 'latest posts', and 'unanswered posts'. More updates to the forum will follow in the week ahead.

As always, if you any ideas, we'd love to hear them!

Enjoy the Weekend!

Magento Blog in Spanish, Russian and Polish


We are proud to announce the addition of Spanish, Russian and Polish blogs to the Magento site. The blogs will feature translations of the posts in the English blog, as well as unique content geared to their respective audiences.

If you are interested in taking part in Magento's global localization effort, please contact us.


Polish Blog - (RSS Feed:
Russian Blog - (RSS Feed:
Spanish Blog - (RSS Feed:

Don't forget our German blog at (RSS Feed:

Magento covered by Mashable


Magento was recently covered by Mashable. With more than 5 million monthly pageviews, Mashable is the world's largest blog focused exclusively on social networks. The article asks the question, "Is Magento the Zimbra of eCommerce?" (Zimbra is a professional open source company recently acquired by Yahoo) - check it out and let us know what you think.


Magento Deutschland Blog Launched

German Blog

Magento's first international blog is launched today at (subscribe to the RSS feed at The German community has been especially active with close to 400 forum posts in the past two weeks.

We will continue to expand Magento's content to the international community over the next few weeks. We are actively seeking contributors, so if you are interested in taking part, please contact us.

I'd like to thank Marcel Böttcher (AKA 73inches) for taking the initiative and continued involvment in the German community. Thanks Marcel!

Herzlich Willkommen!

Magento Version 0.6.12510 Available for Download

In this minor release 0.6.12510 we have rewritten the installation wizard, and fixed some minor bugs reported by the community. There are still known issues and bugs that we are working on and expect to resolve them in future versions. There are now two types of packages available - full and light. The full package includes the sample product catalog (including images), and the light version is data free.

Download Magento Version 0.6.12510 or checkout via SVN.

-- RELEASE NOTES - MAGENTO 0.6.12510 --

Rewritten most of the installation wizard:

  • Installation wizard clear config cache
  • The packaged database install included '*' for zipcode in tax rates instead of NULL
  • Added skip URL validation in the installation wizard
  • After installation the configured values for hosts are saved into core_config_data
  • Disabled checking for completed installation in controllers of install module
  • Fixed required php extensions checking
  • Added curl as required extension
  • Changed default mysql setup driver from pdo_mysql to mysqli
  • Removed outdated sql install and upgrade files
  • Fixed ://:/install bug
  • License text overflow in Safari
  • Disabling Continue button if Agree checkbox is not checked
  • Fixed bug with encryption key being accessible after installation

Application Bugfixes:

  • Fixed bug with replace attribute source model
  • Discount amount was not displaying in order review
  • Spelling mistake fixed in catalog/search/grid: synonim -> synonym
  • Product description was not displaying on the product page.
  • After deleting all tier prices while creating a product the system still complained about tier price missing.
  • Changed "Buy N for $" to "Buy N for $ each"
  • Now checking if any review selected before showing details
  • Nested subcategory were not showing in layered navigation
  • Added translation tags in templates where they were missing
  • Added empty values to configuration dropdowns
  • Added attribute_set_id and type_id in configurable product associated grid


  • Introduction of getRowUrl method in customer details grids
  • Added Event.stop in accordion js after opening a section
  • In case it's not possible to switch off magic quotes from php.ini or .htaccess, added a function that does it in runtime.

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