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New Permissions Screencast Online

A new screencast is now online and features an overview of Magento’s permission system. Check it out!


How to upgrade Magento to a newer preview version?

By popular demand, we recently added a knowledge base article on how to upgrade Magento. This has been a topic of many forum posts and we hope it addresses the questions.

Community Site Updates, October 19, 2007

The Magento Community keeps growing and with over 6,100 posts (in roughly 50 days since launch) the forum is where most of the action is happening. We recently introduced sub-forum functionality for better categorization and structure of the topics (see related forum post).


Magento’s blog is now available in 14 languages, with the recent addition of Hebrew, Italian, Lithuanian, Danish and Portuguese blogs.

That’s it for now. More exciting news next week smile

Magento 0.6.13160 Available for Download

Magento 0.6.13160 is now available for download. In this minor release, the following items were updated:

  • Fixed links parameters handling in CMS pages
  • Fixed default currency displaying in frontend stores

International Currency Screencast

Using international currency screencast is now online. Click on the image below to view.


Magento 0.6.13110 (latest) Update

If you’ve downloaded Magento version 0.6.13110 prior to 13:00 PST, October 16 - please download the files once again. Updated files have been posted.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Magento 0.6.13110 Available for Download

We are pleased to announce the availability for download of Magento Preview version 0.6.13110. The biggest highlights of the release include performance gains, ability to control currencies on a per store level including enabling/disabling currencies from the Zend locale, and the finalization of the shipping and payment API's (see a recent wiki post on how to create a payment module).

Yoav, Varien's CTO discusses the release in the video below (recorded a few hours before the release):


Major Changes:

  • Added product tags multistore functionality
  • Implemented currency administration
  • Currency rates updating via webservices was reworked, the tutorial on currency rate webservices integration will be posted in Magento blog soon
  • Locale settings configuration added to choose allowed Zend_Locale data
  • Fixed multiwebsite cache and sessions issues (i.e. different secure/nonsecure domains)
  • Unified events and layouts names, documentation will follow soon
  • Mage_Core, Mage_Checkout, Mage_Catalog, Mage_Cms and Mage_Review modules helpers implemented for better performance
  • Improved countries and regions saving logic, saving ISO country codes rather then ids
  • Few minor bugs fixed in installation wizard
  • Added custom database port/socket setting in installation wizard
  • Refactored controllers, moved operations from constructor to preDispatch
  • Rewritten Mage_Log module
  • Implemented cache management to allow disabling and enabling specific cache (configuration, layouts, blocks HTML output, EAV types and attributes, translations)
  • Fixed theme translation loading

Known Issues:

  • New allowed currency is immediately available in frontend that causes 'Undefined rate from "XXX-YYY"' messages and wrong calculations in shopping cart and checkout until the currency rates are updated
  • Configurable product price doesn't use locale format to display

Favorite eCommerce Sites - Wrap-up Post

Over at the Varien Blog, we recently published a wrap-up post to a question we asked the Magento blog readers, ”What are your favorite eCommerce sites?”. Check out which sites made the cut.


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