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Magento Feature List Update


The Magento feature list located at has been updated to reflect the latest and greatest features Magento has to offer. This comprehensive list includes most (if not all) of the items expected for the production 1.0 release later this month.

A printable version is also available, should you wish to share this list with a client, friend, colleague or a fellow Magento enthusiast smile

Video: In-Line Translations

Magento’s next release will feature the ability to overwrite existing translations to a local installation of Magento on a global or per store view basis. In this video, we demonstrate overwriting the default translations for a drop-down field as well as a text-label using the new in-line system. At the end end of video, we also show how to enable such functionality on your instance of the Magento admin (backoffice).

We are currently working on a centralized system that will facilitate managing Magento translations to different languages. In the future, this system will manage the translation process for selected interfaces (including contributions made via Magento Connect) and modules.

Please note that translation can be made for drop-down values (any form element really), images (alt, title), links, strings inside scripts (warning, errors), etc. The following items will be displayed in the translation window:

  • Scope - Module that the translation is associated with
  • Shown - Current representation of the translation
  • Original - The original text as provided by the module
  • Translated - Current translation
  • Store Specific - If checked, translation will be applied to the store view and not the locale
  • Custom - New translation to be entered in the textbox


We hope you like it!

Video: Quickly Create Products and Attributes

Magento’s next release will feature the ability to add simple products and attributes directly through a configurable product. In this video, we create a new configurable product and present this time-saving functionality. Please note that we also expect to add the ability to copy configurable product data to a newly create simple product, making data entry a snap.


Magento Partnership Program Webinar - March 6th 9:00 AM PST

Magento Webinar

An Overview of Magento Partnership Program

We are happy to announce an upcoming Webinar focused on the Magento Partnership program. If you are a systems integrator, development firm, design / creative agency, advertising agency, hosting provider, and/or IT firm, please join us. The webinar will take place on Thursday, March 6th, 2008 at 9:00 AM PST (17:00 GMT).

Topics will include:

  • Introductions to Varien's management and Business Development teams
  • An overview of the Magento Partner Plan
  • Magento's future plans and go to market strategy
  • Questions and answers

Date: March 6th, 2008 9:00 AM PST (17:00 GMT)

Register for the Webinar

Announcing the Magento Partner Program


We are pleased to announce the availability of the Magento Partner Program.

Magento Partners provide consulting, development, design, expertise, hosting, support or training on technologies or subject matters that are related to or include eCommerce. By joining the Magento Partner Network, our partners will be the first to offer professional Open Source eCommerce evolved. With a comprehensive, cost-effective eCommerce solution such as Magento, a partner will be able to meet the needs of customers, from small-to-midsize companies to enterprise organizations. Benefits vary by the level of partnership and include: access to Magento support, discounts, commissions, and sales and marketing resources, etc.

We look forward to creating relationships with partners with the same vision to extend the reach of Magento around the globe. If you are interested in learning more about partnership opportunities, please visit our partner portal.

If you have any questions, contact us via a web form or send us an email - partners (at) 

Magento and Joomla!


The topic of Magento integration with Joomla! has been discussed extensively on the Magento Forums and the Joomla! community. It appears the first steps of such functionality are beginning to take shape.

In a recent forum thread, Magento community member, bigodines, posted a link to a Magento and Joomla! user integration plugin (via JFusion). If you are a Joomla! junkie and would like to contribute, please give this plugin a try. Feedback is requested by the developer, so feel free to share your findings.

We are excited to see such efforts taking place and would love to see Magento and Joomla! integrated smile

Preview: Product Image Management Tool

Magento’s next release will feature an updated image management tool. In this video, we go through the process of uploading multiple images at once. Below is a breakdown of the fields in the page:

  • Small - Used in category listing / wishlist, etc.
  • Thumbnail - Used in shopping cart and related items.
  • Main - Large product image (zoomed in).
  • Custom Image - Currently not used in the default interface but may be used in customizations and future interfaces.
  • Exclude - Excludes the image from the slideshow / more views functionality.
  • Remove - Deletes the image from the collection.
  • Label - Alt value for the image tag.
  • Sort Order - The order in which the images are displayed in the slideshow / more views functionality.

The image sizes will be based on values that are set in the template tags and additional image locations may be set through a configuration file (more info on that later). Image resizing will be automated through the use of GD library.

It is important to note that image type and data should be specified for each store view.

Hope you like it!


Using Google Checkout with Magento - Wiki Article


A new wiki article is now available covering the basics (and more) of using Google Checkout with Magento. Check it out smile

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