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Magento Quarterly Review April-June 2011


Magento racked up record-breaking sales results in the 2nd Quarter of 2011 and made substantial progress on enhancing our product line, support and training. The quarter’s biggest news was the announcement that eBay has agreed to acquire Magento and make it a core component of the new X.commerce ecosystem.

Below are highlights of a quarter that marked the beginning of a new era for Magento and eCommerce.


Q2 Revenues Grow by 140% lead by Enterprise Edition

Rapid growth in customer subscriptions for the Magento Enterprise Edition helped drive 2nd quarter revenue growth of 140% vs. 2nd quarter 2010. In addition, the recently-created Customer Success Group and expanded Support Team were instrumental in driving record-high renewal rates for the Enterprise Edition. In this quarter we also experienced a remarkable renewal rate of 92% from Magento Enterprise Edition subscribers who have chosen to stay with Magento year over year as their businesses have evolved.

This also marked the first full quarter of Magento Go revenues, which made a significant contribution to the company’s overall revenue growth.


eBay Agrees to Acquire Magento

On the morning of June 6th, we announced that Magento had reached an agreement to be acquired by eBay Inc. The pending acquisition – scheduled to close in the 3rd quarter – will enable Magento to accelerate our growth and extend our reach as part of eBay Inc.’s X.commerce platform. In the weeks since the announcement, customers, partners, developers and merchants have gained a better understanding of how the pending acquisition will help strengthen Magento and provide even greater opportunities for our ecosystem.


Magento Answers Launched

In May, we introduced Magento Answers, the latest addition to our web site’s portfolio of collaboration tools. Magento Answers is a simple yet powerful tool for exchanging ideas with other merchants, developers and eCommerce pros through an intuitive question and answer format. Not surprisingly, the Magento community has jumped right in, making this a “go to” resources for finding expert advice. We’ve gotten great feedback from the community and have already made improvements to Magento Answers based on user suggestions.


Solution Partner Network Continues Aggressive Expansion

Choosing the right Solution Partner is key to the successful deployment of most large, robust Magento projects. That’s why we continue to build our global network of Solution Partners. We added 39 new Solution Partners in Q2, bringing the total to 271. Significantly, 27 of these are Gold or Silver level partners, capable of delivering larger, robust projects for customers. In fact, we’ve more than doubled the total number of Gold and Silver Solution Partners in the past year.

Magento Go: Going Strong


Magento Go continued to build marketplace momentum and attract merchants in its first full quarter of operation. The development team continued to enhance Magento Go with new features and updates, including support for multiple payment gateways in North America, Europe and Asia, and the ability to add on themes and pre-integrated technologies from our partners. You can find great examples of Go-powered sites at TrendyBelly (maternity clothing), Jules Seltzer (classic and contemporary furniture) and Dog Geeks (eco-conscious dog products).

Meanwhile, work continues at full speed on the Magento Go Platform, currently in closed Beta – watch for exciting announcements in the 3rd quarter.

Other Product Updates

Our development team moved forward on multiple fronts, preparing for 3rd quarter releases and plotting the longer-term future of the Magento platform. A few highlights:

  • Magento Mobile: We added several capabilities to our mobile offering, including support for product reviews and social sharing via Facebook and Twitter. More than 15 new apps were launched on Magento Mobile in the 2nd quarter, with many more in the works for the months ahead. Check out an example of a new mobile app from Easton, available for iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Magento Enterprise & Magento Professional Editions: The core development team is in the final phases of testing the upcoming 1.11 releases, planned for 3rd quarter. Planned features include Minimum Advertised Price, comprehensive Return Merchandize Authorization (RMA), persistent shopping cart, wishlists and many more.
  • Magento 2: Highlights of the 2nd annual Magento Developers Paradise in Ibiza, Spain included presentations by the Magento core team on the architecture work being done for Magento 2. The developers in attendance got a first-hand look at the some of the innovations that will help shape the next generation of Magento.


Rave Reviews for Magento U

Dozens of merchants, developers and designers took advantage of world-class training opportunities offered by Magento U, which just completed its first full quarter of classes. In the 2nd quarter, classes were held in Chicago, Berlin, London Los Angeles and Paris, with an even busier schedule of global course offerings planned for the 3rd and 4th quarters.

Feedback on the quality of Magento U instructors was particularly strong, with one student commenting, “Their through-and-through understanding of Magento and the inner workings of the application is truly amazing and something you just can't get anywhere else.”


Support Team Growth Yields Dramatic Results

Perhaps the most dramatic growth of all during the 2nd quarter occurred in the area of Magento Support. Demand – measured by the number of support tickets – grew by 300% vs. the same period one year ago, thanks to the rapid expansion of our Enterprise Edition customer base. Fortunately, the Support Team’s size grew by even more than 300% over that period. Performance improved as well: the team achieved a 40% reduction in average time to resolution, and a 90% increase in first call resolution for Enterprise Edition customers.

Outlook for 3rd Quarter

The 3rd quarter shows every indication of being another breakthrough period for Magento. Projected highlights include:

  • Closing of the eBay acquisition
  • Continued triple-digit sales growth
  • Release of Magento Enterprise Edition 1.11 and Magento Professional Edition 1.11
  • Continued expansion of Support Team and Magento U offerings
  • And much, much more

As always, stay tuned to the Magento Blog for updates.

A Blast from the Past: Magento Video Throwback

Look what I found!

I was doing a little surfing through some things we have piled up here and I ran across a gem.  Here’s a video of Roy talking about Magento way back in 2007, before the first version of Magento was released.  I don’t think anyone knew what they were getting in to and who could have ever guessed that Magento would grow so much and so quickly?  A big thank you to everyone in the community for always keeping us on our toes and for helping Magento become what it is today!

The great thing is we’ve only just begun, and there’s alot more to come!

Video: Multi-Store Retailing - Internet Retailer 2008

Jason Billingsley from the Get Elastic eCommerce blog (one of our favorites) and Roy Rubin discuss Multi Store Retailing trends in online commerce at the Internet Retailer Conference 2008.

Multi Store Retailing is supported by Magento out-of-the-box.

Video: In-Line Translations

Magento’s next release will feature the ability to overwrite existing translations to a local installation of Magento on a global or per store view basis. In this video, we demonstrate overwriting the default translations for a drop-down field as well as a text-label using the new in-line system. At the end end of video, we also show how to enable such functionality on your instance of the Magento admin (backoffice).

We are currently working on a centralized system that will facilitate managing Magento translations to different languages. In the future, this system will manage the translation process for selected interfaces (including contributions made via Magento Connect) and modules.

Please note that translation can be made for drop-down values (any form element really), images (alt, title), links, strings inside scripts (warning, errors), etc. The following items will be displayed in the translation window:

  • Scope - Module that the translation is associated with
  • Shown - Current representation of the translation
  • Original - The original text as provided by the module
  • Translated - Current translation
  • Store Specific - If checked, translation will be applied to the store view and not the locale
  • Custom - New translation to be entered in the textbox


We hope you like it!

Behind the Scenes Video: Dynamic Design Update Control

As first presented back in April, Magento’s next release will feature dynamic design update control. This feature will allow complete control of the interface (layout, themes) on a per product and per category level with the ability to schedule changes by date.

In this video, we apply different themes to categories to show the design flexibility on a per-category level. The same process can be applied on a per product level (not shown in the video).


Behind the Scenes: Template Path Hints

click to view larger version

As briefly presented in our Designing for Magento Webinar last week, Magento’s next release will feature a new tool that will make Magento designers’ and programmers’ lives easier; Template Path Hints. This tool will display the path and file name of the templates constructing the page viewed.

We hope you’ll like it smile

Behind the Scenes Video: Magento Mass Grid / Batch Updates

By popular demand and feedback from the community, Magento’s upcoming release will introduce a mass-grid update feature. This will allow quick, on-the-fly management of batched data updates for products and customers.

In this video, we show…

  • Filtering the product grid to display simple products with an attribute set of “Shoes”.
  • Selecting all products that meet the search criteria.
  • Selecting the Update Attributes action to view the common attributes that are shared across the selected products.
  • Changing the Gift Messaging attribute.
  • Saving the changes will effect all 40 products selected.


What’s Ahead

This feature will be extended to other grids in the system (e.g. orders). Additionally, mass grid price updates will allow the ability to update prices for any number of selected products by percentage and/or fixed amounts (this feature will be implemented as a seperate action to the product grid).

Behind the Scenes - Magento’s QA (Quality Assurance) Process

The following post is an inside peek into Magento’s QA process as written by Joanna S., Magento’s QA Manager.


Testing an e-commerce application (such as Magento) is not a trivial task and requires careful consideration - everything the user could do must be anticipated, as well as the effect their actions could have upon the system. Every link must be checked, every form must be filled out and submitted, every page must be visited, every transaction must be carried out, etc.

Therefore it is vital that a thorough test plan, including testing scenarios and testcases be conceived before actual testing can be performed. Test cases are developed and managed with TestLink, an open source test management and execution system.

The above mentioned test plan needs to be based on and incorporated into the development schedule in order to assure that all new functionalities are tested as soon as they have been implemented, leaving enough time to report and fix any possible issues.

Testing Scope

Apart from system functionality, the following website quality aspects also need to be considered during the testing process:

  • Essential analysis - navigation, information structure, broken links, content errors, etc.
  • Usability analysis
  • Accessibility problems
  • Code quality - markup errors, broken scripts, code structure, etc.
  • Cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Layout issues
  • Performance

Testing Procedure

We all want Magento to be as bug-free as possible, therefore the testing procedure we employ needs to be both extensive and comprehensive ensuring the highest quality solutions possible are delivered. Our quality procedures are built into the development life cycle and therefore ensure reliability at each stage of development.

Magento internal testing is performed by a team of experienced QA testers, who report any possible bugs, missing features or possible improvements found using Mantis bug tracking system. A detailed and thorough report on any issue is provided, including problem description, replication steps, screenshots, bug severity and priority, as well as suggestions for possible solutions. Each issue is assigned to a proper developer designated for the project, according to their scope of responsibility.

Developers resolve bugs assigned to them based on the schedule and priority specified. Bugs related to upcoming release are treated as top-priority. When a bug/issue is resolved, its status changes and it’s immediately being checked by a QA person who either closes it or re-opens when the problem still occurs.

Feedback from Magento community is a great benefit for the whole QA process. Community members also have the possibility to report any bugs found, which are then reviewed, verified and assigned to a proper developer to fix. Posts on the forum are a great help too, as community memebers often come up with ideas for further improvements.

Testing New Releases

Testing new releases is based on the list of functionalities scoped for an upcoming release. First, a feature is compared against its specification and any inconsistencies identified are carefully examined. Not only are separate features carefully tested, but also their interrelation and the way they might affect other system functionalities. The process also includes regression tests done on all related areas in order to assure that both the existing and new functionalities work as expected. System testing is the final step performed on a complete, integrated release to evaluate the application’s compliance with its specified requirements.

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