Case Study: Planet Organic launch online with Magento and Leftfield Digital

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Planet Organic is the leading Organic Supermarket chain in the UK, offering organic and environmentally sensitive products to a knowledgeable and discerning audience. Planet Organic’s founder, Renee Elliot is a prominent spokesperson for the UK’s Organic Industry and a member of the Soil Association. With five UK supermarkets in and around the London area, Planet Organic were looking to extend their reach across the UK to offer a broader range of Organic/Environmentally sensitive products as possible - to the widest possible audience.

Business Challenge
Planet Organic is a high profile but niche business with a brand presence that extends far further than the geographical reach of their stores. As an authority on organic food, farming and production Planet Organic had built up an impressive online presence (driven by Renee’s popular blog), but online they were not able to capitalise without a direct route to purchase – a gap that clearly needed addressing.

In conjunction with retail practitioners JTM Partners, Leftfield Digital proposed a customised Magento solution that maximised the online opportunity whilst minimising the initial project budget.

Cost was an important factor; whilst Planet Organic is an established and successful business, any serious ecommerce operation requires significant investment in front and back office systems – and that investment needs to be as cost efficient as possible to provide the fastest possible return. Under those conditions Magento’s functionality vs pricing dynamic made it the only realistic choice.

Another attractive aspect to the recommendation was flexibility. Planet Organic has thrived on being adaptable and responsive to changing market conditions and environmental considerations; therefore the ecommerce platform must retain the ability to respond accordingly. This flexibility will help keep them at the forefront of their sector and Magento provides them to retain a site roadmap that is genuinely adaptable.

A key objective of the new site was to capitalise on the search engine presence that the existing blog had established, and the wealth of highly targeted content that had been published via the blog. Wordpress was integrated with Magento, Single Sign On added and the content migrated over into the new blog. A customisation around the product tagging then dynamically pulls relevant article summaries onto each of the product pages.

This provides the product pages with context and relevance in time driving conversion from motivated consumers attracted by long tail SEO searches. As more product and content is added, the deeper and richer this product/content association becomes, delivering prospective customers cost-effectively.

Behind the scenes, the site management is handled predominantly by the Magento back office with a simple stock integration to a central management function. In the second development phase, further integration with existing systems will be required but that will be based on meeting specific commercial targets to justify the growth and expansion.

Magento has provided Planet Organic a tailored and cost effective direct channel on which future growth and expansion will be delivered.