Announcing the Magento Enterprise Edition

Over the past year we've seen the tremendous success and uptake of Magento in the market and the opportunities for the product are indeed exciting. Over 750,000 downloads, 85,000+ community members and the leadership position as the #1 enterprise grade open source eCommerce solution in the market.

Today marks a major milestone for Varien and Magento with the release of the Magento Enterprise Edition. The product is a culmination of months of work and countless feedback from our community, partners and customers. The commercially licensed Magento Enterprise Edition software is the premium grade Magento product. It is geared towards larger companies and includes additional features, including ROI specific features, not available in our open source, Community Edition product. In addition to features, our Enterprise Edition will include SLA based support with guaranteed response times, warranties, indemnification and soon, PA-DSS certification. Learn more about the Enterprise Edition product and compare product editions.

With the launch of our Enterprise Edition, it is important to note our commitment to the open source, Community Edition product. The release of the Magento Enterprise Edition aids us by allowing us to focus on the distinct groups of Magento users, small or large, and to engage each according to their needs, and now, contribute more time and resources to the success of each. More information regarding our community and open source initiatives is detailed below.

We invite you to join us for a webinar presenting an overview of the Magento Enterprise Edition on Tue, Apr 21, 2009 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT. Registration and additional information can be found at (VOIP Available). We do expect to have an online demo available shortly as well.


The Magento Enterprise Edition is offered through an annual subscription. Pricing starts at $8,900 USD for a single server environment - contact or complete the contact form for more information.

Transitioning to the Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition product is based on the core code of the Magento Community Edition. As such, transitioning and upgrading to the Enterprise Edition is a relatively simple process. Extensions (local, community, commercial) and custom themes will continue to work as they do with a standard upgrade process.

New Partner Program

Varien is also pleased to announce a new partner program that is aligned closely with the Enterprise Edition product. We are committed to developing meaningful partnerships that will ensure the continued growth and adoption of Magento around the world and which will create thriving business opportunities for our partners.

The Solution Partner program targets experienced ecommerce providers who deliver complete solutions and support customers after the sale. Of particular importance will be partners committed to Magento Enterprise Edition who are capable of selling to and supporting large and complex implementations. We will be looking to our Solution Partners to represent us in the market and deliver projects successfully to customers and those that are able to step up to the challenge will experience unprecedented success and recognition among the expanding community of users who have selected Magento and who need help implementing it successfully within their environment.

To learn more about our Solution Partner Program, please visit our partner overview page and join us for a webinar on Wed, Apr 22, 2009 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT, "Introducing the New Magento Partner Program". Register at (VOIP Available).

Commitment to Open Source

Varien is completely committed to Open Source and it's ideals, principles and model. We will continue to support the Community Edition. We are constantly aware of the pulse of our vibrant community and would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to the growing number of community members who have been contributing in many ways. We are aware of our community's need to grow as Magento grows and are continually working on enabling the healthy growth of our community and the participation of our contributors, through many initiatives, many of which are taking root as we speak. The recent formation of our Community Advisory Board brings together Varien team members as well as community contributors in an effort to exchange ideas and create new opportunties and avenues for community interaction. Magento is proud to be the premier platform for growth in the eCommerce world, we are devoted to the powerful tenets of Open Source, and we pledge to continue to uphold these principles.


Questions? Comments?

We'd love to hear from you. Please contact us with any questions or comments via our contact form.