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Announcing Magento Answers - Your Enhanced Source of Information to All Your Magento Questions


At Magento we continuously strive to be an enabler of the greater eCommerce ecosystem.  This is visible in the modularity and extensibility of our platform and the robust network of partners and developers who create solutions for Magento.

We also work hard to provide the Magento community and eCommerce ecosystem with a platform for collaboration on To that end, we are excited to announce the addition of Magento Answers to our web site’s portfolio of collaboration tools.

Magento Answers is a simple yet powerful tool for exchanging ideas with other merchants, developers and eCommerce pros through an intuitive question and answer (Q&A) format.  Have a technical question about Magento?  Post your question on Magento Answers to have any number of Magento technical experts supply an answer. Looking for ideas and best practices for growing and optimizing your online business? Browse through topics or search for questions to discover hottest trends within the community. Follow topics and experts to seek the information you need. Magento Answers also has strong integrations with Twitter and Facebook to help you source answers to your questions among your own networks of colleagues and peers.

Magento Answers is now available in beta under the “Community” tab.  Over the next few weeks, we will continue to roll out many enhancements to Magento Answers to make it as powerful and effective for you as possible. We encourage to join the conversation by posting your own conversations and answering your peers’.

Please share with us your feedback about Magento Answers and recommendations for improvement at


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