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“If I were a commercial shopping cart vendor I’d be afraid. Very afraid.”

So is Magento worthy of the hype? In short, yes. This is one awesome looking product.  If I were a commercial shopping cart vendor I’d be afraid. Very afraid. This has the freedom and flexibility - not to mention the $0 price tag - of an open source solution, but it also has the polish and sophistication of a commercial solution ...

Magento does have a lot of features and flexibility that put most commercial products to shame. The marketing promotions manager - I was drooling on my keyboard at the flexibility! It seems that no matter what tool I use, the marketing managers always dream up some promotion that can’t be done. Well, I challenge them: come up with a promotion that Magento can’t do! I’m not saying it’s unlimited, but it’s the best I’ve seen.

Read the review in the Shopping Cart Reviews blog.

Magento Static Blocks Screencast


Magento’s static blocks are fully customized sections of HTML that can be added to catalog pages in different ways.  In this screencast, we’ll walk you through how to create a static block and show you a few ways it can be implemented into your store.

Interview with Roy Rubin on Google’s Enterprise Superstars Blog


Roy Rubin, Varien’s CEO, was recently interviewed by Google’s Enterprise Search Team:

We talked with Roy Rubin, who was the driver behind the beautiful implementation of CSBE [Custom Business Search Engine] at Magento. We have decided to retain his original Q&A format so that prospects and users can easily see the decision process for this particular case to use Google’s Custom Search Engine.

Read the full interview on Google’s Blog

Exporting Products from Magento to Vtiger CRM


The Magento Wiki continues to grow with great contributions from the community. A recent post includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to import products from Magento to Vtiger (an open source CRM).

Thanks Tim (AKA pwebdev) for the contribution!

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Varien family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.


Moshe cutting up the bird.

More photos of Varien’s Thanksgiving lunch on Flickr.

Magento Install Step by Step Tutorials

We’ve recently spotted a couple of great Magento install tutorials.

The first is by a Magento Community member, srikat. The article goes through an installation for Dreamhost (although it can be applied to any hosting provider) and includes a ~5 minute screencast. Highly recommended.

The second is by the guys from Crucial Web Hosting. This is a step-by-step tutorial for installing Magento on one of their Split-Shared hosting accounts.

If you spot any additional install tutorials, please let us know smile

Magento schwag now available at CafePress


By popular demand, Magento schwag (eg. tshirts, cups, caps, etc.) is now available via CafePress.

Make a statement for open source eCommerce - Wear Magento!  Don’t forget to send us a picture with your favorite item.

Community Feedback: RSS feeds


We’d like to open up the discussion and hear your thoughts about RSS feeds. What would you like Magento to offer the Customer and the Store Owner (Admin)?

Although we can’t promise we’ll develop it all, we’d love to get creative ideas from the community. Please leave your thoughts in the comments.


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