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Designing for Magento Webinar - Recording Now Available

(view larger format on google video)

Although not close to the quality we wanted, the webinar recording is now available in .wmv format. The presentation starts off slow (so be patient) and then picks up. Don’t forget the slides that are very helpful as you listen to the presentation.

Download Magento-Webinar-1-17-08.wmv

Twiistup was a Blast!

Last night’s Twiistup event was a blast. The Magento table was incredibly busy and the excitement for the product was a pleasure to see.

Photos from the event are below and on flickr.








Designing for Magento Webinar Slides

Thank you for joining us today for Magento’s first webinar. Slides can be found below.

Vote for Magento (in the next 5 hours) via SMS


As previously mentioned, Magento will be showcased tonight as a ‘showoff’ at Twiistup, a southern California tech event.

We need your help! Vote for us by texting magento to 66937 in the next 5 hours.


Reminder: Designing for Magento Webinar - Thur. 1/17, 9:30 AM PST


As previously announced, our first webinar, Designing for Magento: Learn the Basics, will be held tomorrow (Thursday 1/17) at 9:30 AM PST. Hundreds of people have signed up so far - we hope you can join us (registration is required).

Hope to see you then smile

Announcing Magento and StrikeIron Partnership


We are very excited to announce a partnership between Magento and StrikeIron, the leader in Data as a Service. The integration with StrikeIron will provide Magento store owners the ability to easily integrate with a variety of useful data, including global address verification, sales and use tax rates (US), currency exchange rates and email verification.

The ability to access this information through a web service will provide numerous benefits to Magento store owners.

“StrikeIron is excited that Magento will be integrating our web services with their ecommerce platform,” said Bob Brauer, president and CEO of StrikeIron. “This partnership illustrates the ease with which applications can be extended with real-time data offered through our web services.”

The production version of Magento (Magento 1.0) will include integration with two of the StrikeIron web services to begin, with more to follow soon after, including address verification for the US and sales tax rates.

The first two StrikeIron web services to be integrated will be the Foreign Exchange Rates Web Service and the Email Verification Web Service.

The Foreign Exchange Rates Web Service includes current foreign exchange rates for 23 current and 9 legacy currencies, provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and updated every day at 12 noon EST. This integration will allow Magento store owners to display up-to-date prices to their customers in multiple currencies.

The Email Verification Web Service instantly verifies whether an email address exists or not, without having to send an email.

Magento Store Owners will be able to enjoy the benefits of both services after signing up with StrikeIron.

Designing for Magento Webinar: Learn the Basics

Magento Webinar

Designing for Magento Webinar: Learn the Basics

We are happy to announce our first instructional webinar – Designing for Magento. If you are a programmer and/or designer and want to learn the ins and outs of Magento's flexible templating system, this is the place to be. The webinar will take place on Thursday, January 17th 9:30 AM PST (17:30 GMT).

Topics will include:

  • Basic Magento design terminology
  • Magento design files structure concepts
  • Best way to manage themes for your store
  • How to create Magento interfaces
  • Best practices for breaking down HTML into manageable (modularized) ‘chunks’
  • Questions and answers

Date: January 17th 9:30 AM PST (17:30 GMT)

Register for the Webinar

“Magento: The Shopping Cart Software Savior”

I have run several eCommerce businesses in the past.  One of the biggest problems is dealing with an open source community, paying too much for a pay cart only to find out the pay cart is based on that open commerce one that you hate, and dealing with foreign languages.  In addition to that, they all template differently, and you have limited features and functionality.

Well, say GOODBYE to all of those problems!

Say hello to Magento Commerce.

Dan Root, Internet Entrepreneur

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