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mCommerce: Magento iPhone Optimized Theme Available via Magento Connect

A new iPhone optimized Magento theme is now available via Magento Connect. As part of the upcoming Magento 1.1 release, automatic detection and delivery of packages, theme(s) (templates, skins, css, layouts) based on the user-agent (client) may be associated on a global, website and store view.

Magento is now mobile ready for every out of the box implementation.

Browsing through iPhone displays the new optimized theme.

Adding Shadowbox to Magento

A tutorial on how to add the Shadowbox modal box to your Magento online store. Via Chad Coleman.

Video: Magento via iPhone

As mentioned earlier this week, a new iPhone optimized Magento theme will be available in the next few days via Magento Connect. Additionally, as part of the upcoming 1.1 release, automatic detection and delivery of packages, theme(s) (templates, skins, css, layouts) based on the user-agent (client) may be associated on a global, website and store view. The video below gives a preview of Magento on the iPhone.

Magento will thus be mobile ready for every out of the box implementation.

Note: As much as we love Magento, please do not attempt this at home ("[Man] surgically alters thumbs to better use iPhone")

“Magento Shopping Cart And 20,000 Friends” - Practical eCommerce Interview


Roy Rubin held the cyber equivalent of a barn raising and had several thousand of his closest friends over for the event. Of course, everyone actually stayed home and did the work from their own little cubicles, kitchen tables, laptops on airplanes and Blackberrys on bar tops. That’s how it goes when you launch a project like developing an open source shopping cart, which is what Rubin and his team at Varien did over the past couple of years. The result is Magento, a shopping the source code of which is yours, free for the download, and which is now loaded on servers around the globe in about 45 languages ... So how does Magento stack up against those other commercial, closed source systems? Apparently quite well. Out of the box (or off the server) it competes with the commercial options well, and the community seems to be serving itself with considerable interplay. A look at the forums on the Magento site shows plenty of interaction among the 20,000 members. There are some features that the pay-for-play packages don’t do well.

Read the Interview on the Practical eCommerce website

Wordpress Integration Extension Available Via Magento Connect


Wordpress, the popular open source blogging tool, can now be integrated with Magento via Lazzymonks Wordpress Integration Extension.

Get the Extension Key here

Video: Custom Product Options in Magento 1.1


Magento’s upcoming 1.1 release will feature significant feature enhancements, including Custom Production Options (CPO) as seen in the video. CPO has been a widely requested feature by the community and we are excited to make it available as part of the upcoming release (expected by early July).

In this video, we show…

  • The new Custom Options tab in the simple product view.
  • Adding new options for color (drop-down), size (drop-down), and monogram (text field). Available input types include: text field, text area, drop-down, radio buttons, checkbox and multi-select.
  • Adding $15 for the Monogram option.
  • Viewing the updated simple product on the fronted with the Custom Options available for the customer to select.

Please note that the CPO module is still in development and minor changes are expected prior to the release. Magento 1.1 public alpha is currently available via SVN.

Magento Version 1.0.19870.4 Available for Download

We have just released Magento Version 1.0.19870.4. This version includes a patch for a bug with layered navigation issues in Magento installations with multiple store configurations.

After upgrading Magento to this version you will have to refresh the layered navigation indices.
Please go to ‘System’ -> ‘Cache Management’, check the ‘Refresh Layered Navigation Indices’ box and click on the ‘Save’ button. This operation might take some time depending on the number of products and stores in your database.

Instructions for Upgrading Magento with a full package, via SVN, via the MagentoConnect Manager and using SSH shell access are available in this wiki post.

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