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Magento 1.1.0 Beta - Now Available


Magento 1.1.0 Beta is now available for download and upgrade via the Magento Downloader. Please note this this is a beta product and it is strongly not recommended for use in production environments.

The release notes can be found here. Detailed instructions of upgrading custom themes will be released shortly.

Installing Magento 1.1.0 Beta

To install Magento 1.1.0 Beta using Full-Package or Downloader go here.

If you use the Magento Downloader 1.1.0 Beta, it will install Magento 1.0.19870 (since the Downloader is configured to download and install the latest 'Stable' version which is 1.0.19870). After installation is done do the following to upgrade to version 1.1.0:

  • Log into the Magento Connect Manager and go tho the 'Setting' tab.
  • Change the Preferred State to Beta, and save the settings.
  • Return to the 'Extensions' tab.
  • Click on the 'Check for Upgrades' button (this is a new button added in the New Manager Version you just installed).
  • After a few minutes you should get a few packages that are available for upgrade. For the Mage_All_Latest package select upgrade.
  • Click on the 'Commit Changes' button. The upgrade should start.
  • After upgrade is complete click on the 'Refresh' button.
  • You should now have Magento 1.1.0 Beta installed.

Sample Data: Before installing Magento download and populate the sample data found on the download page, and go through the steps above.

Upgrading an existing Magento Version

It is now also possible to upgrade your existing Magento installation to 1.1 Beta through the Magento Connect Manager. To do so:

  • Do NOT use your live or production site. We suggest making a copy of your site and upgrading that copy.
  • Log into your Magento Connect Manager.
  • Select the 'Setting' tab.
  • Change the Preferred State to 'Beta', and save settings.
  • For the Mage_All_Latest package select upgrade.
  • Click on the 'Commit Changes' button. The upgrade should start.
  • After upgrade is complete click on the 'Refresh' button.
  • You should now have Magento 1.1 Beta installed.

Note: To be able to continue getting updates for 1.0 (and not upgrade to 1.1) - upgrade Mage_All_Latest to 1.0.19875 with 'Preferred State' selected to 'Stable' in the Setting tab of your Magento Connect Manager. This will install the new Magento Connect Manager that will allow you to select the version you want to upgrade to.


1.1 trunk was also updated. Please keep an eye on the list in STATUS.txt in the 1.1 branch root folder.


We greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions in this forum topic.

Magento 1.1 stable release is scheduled for mid to late July - we will post more information as soon as it is available. Stay tuned to the blog for updates.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Priorities can change and features may be moved to later releases. We know how important these features are to merchants, but we advise you to not make any serious business decisions based on an unreleased feature. Varien does reserve the right to change this list, and cannot assume responsibility for any loss that might come from a late or unreleased feature.

UPDATE: A new demo store preview is available for 1.1.0 Beta at Only front-end is available at this time. We will be adding some new products to this new demo store over the next few days

Out of the Ark Music on Magento (UK)


Out of the Ark Music on Magento (UK)

Magento Connect: Quickbooks Integration via T-HUB


A new commercial listing is on Magento Connect integrating Magento with Quickbooks via T-Hub.

T-HUB provides a QuickBooks integrated Order Manager solution for merchants using Magento platform. Using T-HUB, merchants can directly download orders from Magento, ship using UPS, FedEx, USPS and post transactions to QuickBooks.

T-HUB for QuickBooks by atandra

Interview: Liaison Dangereuse on Magento

We were convinced by Magento’s easy and user-friendly backend, by its flexibility concerning design and its built-in SEO features ... All in all, Magento surpassed our expectations.”

Liaison Dangereuse

Tell us about Liaison Dangereuse and Phoenix Medien

Liaison Dangereuse is an online shop for classy lingerie, jewelry and boudoir accessories. We started in May 2007 with a Joomla shop, not understanding anything about web-technologies and search engines, just following a recommendation. Our goal was to offer designer brands outside the mass-market that are still difficult to find in Germany.

Our business grew well, mainly because we received a lot of PR from the fashion and lifestyle press. So we opened up a real boutique in Hamburg in February, 2008. With Google however, we did not get very lucky.

Phoenix Medien is Magento Silver Partner and provides professional services for the new eCommerce platform in Germany and Austria.

What technologies are currently implemented / integrated in the frontend and behind-the-scenes?

Since Magento comes out of the box with numerous great features we only required minor changes to setup all our attributes and products. On top of this Phoenix Medien build a dynamic search assistant called "Ask Loulou" which helps our customers to easily find convenient products in the shop.

Furthermore we integrated a new WorldPay module for credit payment which can freely be downloaded on Magento Connect.

Regarding hosting, we decided to choose Phoenix Medien’s optimized Magento Cluster solution so that the new Magento shop is now actually faster than our shop ever was before.

Why did you choose Magento for the project?

We soon realized that if we want to improve our Google ranking and maintain a stable positioning, we would need a shop technology which is much more search engine friendly. Our choice was between xt:Commerce and Magento. 50% of our advisers were skeptical and recommended a more tried and tested software like XTC.

The main concerns regarding Magento were about the speed of the shop, technical bugs and the adequacy for the European market with its specific legal requirements. The other half just raved about Magento. We were finally convinced by Magento’s easy and user-friendly backend, by its flexibility concerning design and its built-in SEO features. A dream, within only a week, we reached 5 new Google Top 3 positions.

All in all, Magento surpassed our expectations.

What are your future plans with Magento?

We want to further improve our Google ranking, expand to include new brands and categories and offer an English version of the shop to cater to the US customers and rest of Europe. With Magento’s flexibility will surely reach our goals in no time and make ordering easier for customers in- and outside Germany.

Any recommendations for people evaluating Magento?

When we started with Magento in May we made a lot of mistakes in creating products and attributes. After we added several hundred products we got stuck and asked Phoenix Medien for help. They explained us how to setup attribute sets and how to share that information between different product categories which now is the basis for our great search assistant.

If you are considering using Magento and don’t know were to start ask a local Magento Partner – it really saves a lot of time.

Video: Bundle / Kitting in Magento 1.1


Magento’s upcoming 1.1 release will feature Bundle / Kitting functionality as seen in the video. In this demonstration, we show ...

  • Creating a new computer bundle, composed of the following user-selectable options: Case, Hard Drive, RAM and optional monitors.
  • Selections (eg. 1 GB RAM, 2 GB RAM) within each Option (eg. RAM) are composed from Simple Products.
  • Each Option may present its Selections in a variety user-inputs (eg. radio button, checkboxes, drop-down, etc.), and may be required or optional.
  • Pricing is dynamically calculated based on the user selected Option(s), using the Simple Products pricing.

Please note that the Bundle module is still in development and minor changes are expected prior to the release. Magento 1.1 public alpha is currently available via SVN and a production release is expected in July, 2008.

“Magento is truly the most amazing open source e-commerce platform”

Magento is truly the most amazing open source e-commerce platform that offers complete flexibility and growth to anyone seeking enterprise level solutions. They have CMS (content management system), marketing tools that can grow with your business, SEO (search engine optimization), international support to multiple currencies and languages, robust check out and shipping options and the list just goes on and on. If you are planning to redesign your website/ shopping carts, we would SERIOUSLY recommend Magento. They also have a large network of programmers, web designers, hosting companies supporting this amazing shopping cart platform. And the best thing is Magento is free!!

No one in Magento is paying us to say this.

BACE (Business and Creative Exchange)

Interview in Zend’s Enterprise PHP Management News


The formula is as simple as impressive: The less you pay for your eCommerce system the more profit you get from your business. That’s why the new open source eCommerce platform Magento is currently taking off like a bat out of hell. Combining the flexibility of Open Source technology with all features needed within a modern eCommerce solution and the lowest TCO in the market it gives businesses top flexibility, functionality and ROI. Using Magento business owners can choose from different pricing and support models: starting from a free basic version using community support up to professional support services. Magento has been launched in Summer 2007 by Varien, one of the most experienced players in the Open Source eCommerce market with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA; USA. We talked to Varien CEO Roy Rubin.

Shopping Unlimited - E-commerce and PHP for free (Enterprise PHP - Management News),

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